Rejections and criticism are things we can never avoid, as long as we exist and interact with people on daily basis. It even becomes more excruciating when the people we least expect leave us out in the cold and expect us to get warm by ourselves. The question is what would you do, when you found yourself in demoralizing situation and the people who you thought might help you walked away when you needed them the most?
There was a ship that fell in to a deep dry well, the owner panicked for a while seeking for how to rescue the sheep, but there seems to be no way. People walked around the well for days hoping they could come up with a rational plan, but to no avail. The people concluded the only way to solve the problem is to condemn the well; the sheep looked up to them, as it watched it fate being decided, it has two options, it is either it await its death patiently, or hope on miracle. The sheep looked at some of its friend that it has helped in the past if they could just come up with a plan to rescue it, but they make no effort.
The people decided to seal up the well with the sheep inside it, by pouring loads of sand in the well, the sheep watched in anticipation for its doom. They began to pour the loads of sand sequentially, but something dramatic happened, the more they pour the sand, the more the ship shakes off the sand and climb on it, the more they pour the sand, the more the sheep give way to the sand to land in the well, so it could elevates it, it continue for hours, only for the sheep to get to the top most part of the well and jump out, and that was how the sheep survived what was meant to end its life.
I think of life’s situation as the deep dry well, those circumstances that you never bargained for, the betrayal, agony, loss of loved ones, financial turmoil and life tragedies you thought would have drowned your existence. While the sheep is us, you know sometimes is easy to think some circumstances of life will take our life, it becomes much more devastating when the people we thought would be there for us didn’t even try a bit to extend a helping hand. Here’s the fact, the problems are real, but the truth is, if you could look beyond the problems, and see life from another perspective, what you thought was your doom day becomes the greatest blessing you will forever be grateful for.
So i press upon you today, when it appears as if you’re at the edge of your life, see them as the dry well, and the challenges as the sand that is going to uplift you to your next level, the dry well is not meant to bury you, but to hide you for a while then lift you to your victory, so that when you come out, you come out refined and more determined.


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