Our ignorance is limitless.


On august 26 1996 the Time magazine published an interesting article that portrays the unlimited level of human ignorance, how that the more we think we know, the more our level of ignorance is exposed. There was a man called Garry kimovich Kasparov, he is considered the chess grand master, the world best chess player, he has defeated virtually everybody who claimed to be a chess guru. There was a major paradigm shift that year, The IBM invent a machine named DEEP BLUE. Garry kimovich Kasparov was asked to play against the machine called “DEEP BLUE” it was said that an average chess player could see one move per seconds while playing the game of chess, but Garry  being the chess genius, could see two to three moves per seconds. He’s that good, but here’s the fascinating flip side of the story, Garry played against the machine and loss, he was depressed as he’s legendary accolade was put to a halt by a machine. It was recorded that while Garry could see two to three chess moves per seconds, the machine DEEP BLUE could see two million moves per seconds, so the ratio of Garry”s chess prowess to the machine is ratio two to two million. Can you imagine the knowledge gap? This basically explained why one shouldn’t be complacent because of a certain accomplishment. No wonder Dr. Dobson, one time great college tennis player, who strives to get his name ascribed on the tennis champion trophy of over two feet tall once said, given a reasonable amount of time, soon your trophies will be trashed. He made the statement as a result of an experience he had, after several years of college, the trophy he won for the school was put in a strategic place in the school for several years, one day a friend of Dr. Dobson came visiting and brought the trophy along, with some part partly damaged, Dr. Dobson was surprised to see the trophy, the friend went to visit the college, and the college was carrying out a renovation in the college building, so they had to get rid of old and irrelevant things, including the trophies that are no longer needed, including the trophy won by Dr. Dobson, it was found in the trash by his friend.

That experience taught him the major lesson of his life; he said

“giving a reasonable amount of time, soon all your trophies will be trashed”. This explains the allegory of life, at every level we found ourselves, the things we know are already obsolete, and we just don’t know it yet.

Here are the lessons I learnt from the story:

  • Sometimes your success may not be because of your level of competence, but because of the deposit of ignorance, and the level of the inadequacies around you.

  • Every level of competence reveals another dimension of incompetence, that’s why consistent development is the key.

  • All you know is all you learnt, all you learn is not all there is to know.

  • What you know is infinitesimal compared to what you don’t know.

  • Live with the consciousness that there exist an idea, opinion and knowledge greater than the one you possess.



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