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I trust you have read the last two part of the article, in case you haven’t kindly do so. I continue from where I stopped in part two.

Without further scrutiny, little did I know that 2017 was an advance version of 2016, more like an advance engineering mathematics?

The pain was quadruple, in 2017; I wasn’t just BROKE I was BROKEN, the thing about pain is, we know it will end one day, but what we don’t know is when, and that’s the most difficult part. God will show you the picture of where you are and where you will get to, but HARDLY will he show you what you will pass through and what it will cost you.

 Almost everything and everybody I relied on let me down, amidst my trying period God was speaking to me, he deliberately blinded people from me so I could truly TRUST HIM, honestly, that was the truth, up until then I claimed I trusted God, which in fact my hope has always been on man, while God was the backup plan, well things are about to change, he has taking matters in to his own hands, if God wants to use you, your absolute trust must be on him, that is the only way he won’t be able to share his glory with no man.

Again in 2017, I came to the end of myself, I felt emptiness and lack of meaning for life, nothing else makes sense, except the true knowledge of him, it was in him I found solace, I remembered I was about to take my shower one day, and I lean on the wall of the bathroom shedding  tears, trust me I was confused, I mean the whole thing was becoming unbearable, truth is God is aware of our tears, but he is NEVER MOVED BY OUR EMOTIONS, what he intend to teach you, you must learn it no matter what it will cost you, Note: I didn’t  learn all of these while I was in it, it was when I was mediating over them, that the blessings of the pain became clear.

As time goes on, I began to understand the work he was doing in my life, then he came again and convicted me of my gift, one morning I was brushing my teeth and I was wondering why I wasn’t operating in a higher dimension of his presence and power, and God spoke to me very clearly by asking me what I have done with the gift he gave to me, he said in heaven, they don’t waste resources, that was the morning I decided to visit secondary schools, prisons, and any gathering to speak and teach people about purpose.

I taught I was doing enough of my purpose, trust me I never want to have anything to do with carrying the bible, not because I hated God, I just hated how grossly abuse that pattern of life was, one day I attended a crusade by a man of God, and God took my attention to all the protocols and the things that were happening, and he asked me a simple question,  will continue the concluding part of this story tomorrow, please journey along with me, read, ponder on it and get blessed by it.


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