I Hope You’ve been reading the previous parts; this is the concluding part of the post. Continuation, he asked me a simple question “you should have been doing these things, why are you denying my people of my gift?” it was the next week I joined a group in a fellowship, but still low-key. The lessons I learnt was, God is not interested in your church going, but your personal relationship and interaction with him.

Lastly God striped me of every material thing I taught I possessed, I couldn’t even buy new clothes, it was frustrating for me, it was when I knew he wanted me to seek validation in the knowledge of who I am, and not in affiliation to material things, he taught me, that when we attached our identity to the things or people we can lose, we haven’t truly discover who we are. It was a painful lesson I learnt in a hard way.

Lastly, from 2016 to 2017 I applied for several things that didn’t work out, I wrote proposals that was denied countless times, though painful I learn a great lesson of building persistence and perseverance, I was using those failures to build and develop myself, I became more tougher inside, I began to see failure in different light, I began to see failure as an avenue for improvement.

All through those times, there wasn’t a day I wasn’t spending hours in my closet developing myself, I got to know the making of a general is not without tears, I was certain what my future holds, I know the impact I wanted to have in my world, those were my propelling force, I made a vow, that nobody who get close to me, with an open heart will leave me the same, the things I learn must be contagious. Those were what helped me to maintain my focus.

The last part of this article is more of an encouragement and a wakeup call, let me break your religious mindset, no matter any prophetic declaration if God wants you to learn a lesson, he will take you through a trying times and there is NOTHING any man can do about it, you might as well reserve the energy you want to use to pray against demons to improve yourself, and be attentive to God, most of those things are mainly distractions. If you ask me if I would like to go through those periods again, I won’t say yes, but sure I would love to learn those lessons over again. Remembering  that I lost some people to death towards the end of 2017 makes it more scary, but it taught me a great lesson of how fleeting mortals are, tomorrow is not certain, make your mark, follow your passion, don’t die on the wish bed.

This is to anybody who might be going through a difficult moment right now, stay calm, be sensitive to the lessons God is trying to teach you through pains, never compare your life with anyone else, we all are in different seasons of our life, if you compare your pain season to the blessing season of others, you might just end up more depressed. We all are running a different race.

For those who are yet to encounter obstacles in life, anticipate and embrace it when it come, you’re not possessed,  pain is what God uses to get our attention, knowing God experientially doesn’t come while you fold your leg and sipping coffee, experiences are what made great men. I hope you believe me when I say my 2017 being 365 days is not just a number for me.




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