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My testimony of how God’s grace saw me through the pains and trauma of losing my eldest brother and my mentor, and some other friends, in one day. My interview with Dorcas Oluwadamilola Aboderin.



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Wise-solo: Please can you tell us your name in full?

Damilola: I am Dorcas Oluwadamilola Aboderin.

Wise-solo: How was growing up like for   you?

Damilola: Growing up was really great, I used to be really quiet and shy, I think I’m still quiet though. I guess that period, it saved me from lots of trouble since I was on my own, most of the time, or with close friends. I bonded more with family and close friends.

Wise-solo: What do you consider to be an ideal life as a young teenage girl, and did your view bout life changed at some point when you became an adult?


Damilola: Based on the environment I was exposed to, you were given a well-done-pat on the back when you get excellent grades in school, that kind of mentality. It was really beautiful then because it helped me set my priorities right, and take education serious. However, I guess my view just adjusted a bit: I used to be scared of failure, I spelt it as being useless. Growing up, I realised failure meant “Get better, or improve”. Instead of killing yourself because you failed, let it be a lesson for you to get better. I guess it was Edison who tried 999 ways and failed when making the light bulb. He rather said he found 999 ways of how not to make light bulb.

Damilola: That’s my mentality now, rather than not do anything because you’re scared it would not work out or you might fail in it, why not take a step, learn from your mistakes, and grow.

Wise-solo: wow so the world out there is not ready for a pity party?

Damilola: Totally true, I know some guys out there who refused to flow with the pity party, like Cobhams Asuko, Nick (the guy without legs). Rather than worry about what you don’t have, thank God for what you have and use it the best way.

Wise-solo: okay we will talk more about your growth process later

Now let’s get more personal….Drum ROLL….

Wise-solo: The past four months was a life transforming season for you, would you mind telling us about it?

Damilola: Alright, that’s great then.

Damilola: It really was! Precisely November got me asking God lots of questions. I was actually involved in an accident with a group of friends, the accident killed my eldest brother and my mentor. I and some others were in coma for weeks, but I’m far stronger now to the glory of God

Damilola: That season, I almost lost my faith in God because I felt he betrayed me. But with time and with God, he sent me some amazing friends who came around to sharpen me. Their comfort that period really made me far stronger. One particular scripture that made more sense to me was Phillipians 1:21, which I’ll paraphrase; “if I’m to live on this earth, I’ll live for Christ. However, death is absolutely more gainful.”

It made me come to terms with the fact that earth is only a temporary home, there’s a more glorious place we should all have in view; Heaven. Lots of glory and peace up there. It made me understand the beauty of Faith in the midst of storm.


Wise-solo: i know there are some things that can’t be put in to words, but if you don’t mind could you walk us through the pain process, what or how  do you feel when the reality first hit your face, when you recovered from coma and expecting the world to compensate you for facing life once again, only to discover you are about to face the worst nightmare of your life?

Damilola: Alright, here’s what happened, When I got to know what happened, what brought me to the hospital, and what happened to everyone else, I actually wished the accident took my life instead, I never imagined I could live with the memories of everything flooding my head, it was too much. At a point, I wished rapture could happen immediately, I just wished the whole world ended. For weeks, I thought it was a dream, it still feels like a dream though, but like He told Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9, the Holy-Spirit helped me rest on the truth that His grace would help me scale through that phase.

Damilola: So that has been my testimony, that in my weakness, I really found strength with God’s word.

Damilola: I spent more time listening to messages about how we are to handle such situations, through God’s word.

Wise-solo: hmmmm! thank you for being open with your scar, not everyone is brave enough to handle this.

Damilola: It’s my pleasure 😊.

Wise-solo: What would you say are some of the things tragedies are out to steal from people?

Damilola: The truth is, the devil is actually not after your cash, or your spouse, or your health, or your job. He’s after your faith in God. When tragedies hit a person, I believe it has one major assignment, to shift your gaze from God to the storm, to make you lose confidence in God. I believe this one thing is what tragedies aim to steal: Your faith in God and the finished work of Christ.

Damilola: So He looks for ways to touch these things, so you’ll loose faith in God.

Wise-solo: This is so profound.

Damilola: I’m glad it is🙌

Wise-solo: i’ve heard people say they could manage to look over the pain of what happened, but they can’t deal with the memory of loss of their loved ones, what would you say to such person, and how would you advice them?

Damilola: The memories would definitely keep playing back, even on my side, it still does. When the memories flood my mind, what I do is thank God that those who died are somewhere far better. I had a talk with myself after the incident, that for those who went to heaven, as long as they have seen and tasted of the overwhelming glory up there, they won’t even want to return to earth. Though some memories are unforgettable, I let them inspire me to live totally for Christ, to give my whole life out for the gospel. I want to leave this world empty, knowing that I let my light so shine for the world to see and give glory to my Daddy in Heaven.So I’ll advice, for those out there, when the memories come up, thank God for the life they lived, and let it spur you to live with eternity in view, coz the earth is only a temporary home. Heaven is by far better

Wise-solo: thoughtful response.

Damilola: Thank you Wise Solo 😊

Wise-solo: hope am not overwhelming you with questions?

Damilola: 😄😄nooo, the questions are alright.

Wise-solo: Does the incident make you understand The love of God in a different light from what you used to know and believed?

Damilola: Yes it really does, the whole incidence gave me a deeper perspective about God’s love. It made me understand the passage that says God doesn’t tempt us. But he never allows a temptation beyond what we can bear come to us. Meaning, He’s with us through out the trails, and His grace is sufficient to help us scale through and to strengthen our Faith. Even moments when it felt like God was silent, those moments when I got angry with Him, I rested on His word in Psalm 23: He leads me beside the still waters for His name sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, even though the trials seems so wild, even though the pains were much, I rested on the fact that He was still there as my shield. It helped me trust in His love, that He was with me throughout that phase.

Wise-solo: Wow beautiful!

Damilola: I appreciate Baba God for strength🙌😊

Wise-solo: Having gone through this wilderness experience, how do you now see LIFE  and TIME?

Damilola: After everything, I see life as only being valuable in Christ. I’ve come to understand that it’s only the man in Christ that actually has life, nothing else means anything to me. It’s alright to have relevance here on earth, to excel in your job and your circle, but don’t let it be at the expense of your Faith in Christ. Because we would leave this earth empty, without cash or acquisition or properties. So let your value be “To Know Christ, and To make Him known”

Wise-solo: hmmm so true.

Wise-solo: In essence Tragedy doesn’t come to destroy us only if we let it, but to shake us and give us a reawakening about how life is supposed to be lived.

Damilola: Totally true, and it’s confirmed in James 1:2, consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds, because it’ll help you test your faith, bring your faith to the fire to see how strong it is, and the testing of your faith produces perseverance. So I believe pressure through trails helps us know our strength in faith. Relating it to the seeds been planted, when storms came, it was only the seed deeply rooted in the word, that was able to withstand the storm and remind firm.

Wise-solo: Am sure there are people out there reading this interview going through the same pain or worst, please take your time to address them, as someone who have been through it. and let them see the reason to push on.

Damilola: Guys, the truth is that storms would definitely come, the devil has lots if strategies to sway a believer, according to Ephesians 6:10-20. This particular passage helps us know how to be girded as soldiers on earth, so no matter how hard the devil tries, the shield of God’s word, and the other armors, help you withstand the wiles and deceit of the devil.

Wise-solo: hmm profound.

Damilola: It’s just a call to always remain girded, always get ready and fully armoured, before the storms even show up.

Wise-solo: Before we round up this interview, let me ask the last five questions?

Damilola: Alright, please go ahead my brother🙌

Wise-solo: Do you ever imagine there will come a day you will have the strength to confront this kind of storm, and what was the source of that strength?

Damilola: I never believed I would face such in my entire life, I used to be of opinion that a man in Christ would never go through a bad season, I felt bad seasons were only for evil people. But I believe this season made me come to terms with the fact that the devil is always out there looking for whom to devour. We only remain un-devourable in Christ, and when we are fully girded with the armor to resist the devil’s wiles

Damilola: When the storms came, I believe God’s word I had stored up over time helped me shield the devil’s wiles away.

Wise-solo: Beautiful.

Damilola: Yes that’s the major, I believe we should take the word of God as being beyond sermons or verses we cram, and applying it to real life situations.

Wise-solo: What would you say about your late Mentor Barrister Ruth Otiotio, how as she influenced your life and the life of others?

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Damilola: This one in particular gets me really emotional, but I’ll say something notwithstanding, I trust God wants to use it as a message to others out there

I fondly called her mama because she mentored me like a mother. Her memories remain in my heart forever. Every single day, I keep craving for her sincere advice.

I remember how she took the things of God really personal. Her usual quote on instagram was: “The King loves you and so do I”….Now the love of God makes more sense to me now. Her life’s mantra was “Service to God and humanity.” She was always selfless when it comes to serving others, the passion was always there. She handled lots of programs to help so many ladies out there, lots of testimonies came in after every event. I really do miss her, and I’m glad the impact of her life still live on in the lives of many. I’ll stop here please.


Wise-solo: Am sorry it gets you emotional.

Wise-solo: What would you say the young ladies out there should learn from her?

Damilola: I’ll love the young ladies out there to learn from is this:

Understand your worth is not in your body, or your spouse, or your cash. Your worth is in Christ. Let that spur you to live totally for Him, let other ladies be inspired by your lifestyle, let it create a ripple effect in the lives of others around you. Continually use what God has placed in you to transform the lives of others. Know Christ for yourself, and make Him known around the world.

Wise-solo: Thank you so much, i know am bringing back memories but i trust God to use it to transform lives.

Damilola: It’s alright Solo.

Wise-solo: As regard to your elder brother, what would you say about him?

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Damilola: I really hope I can get myself together to say something now.


Damilola: Alright, let’s see. I fondly called him Egbon, as my eldest brother. Bro Segun was less concerned about acquisitions, wealth, fame, etc. Though he had lots of plans to have a great life and family, but his priority was God’s work. He spelt out humility to us as siblings. He represented this deep counsel and agenda of God within and outside His circle. I always observed how He used His earnings to help others in need; we had lots of visits to less-privileged homes, I learnt sacrifice from him. He was always concerned about the souls, evangelism, getting soaked in God’s word. Egbon Segun lived with eternity in view. I thank God He’s somewhere far better, full of glory, where no worries exist, with our father up there; that’s the only thing that gave me comfort after everything happened.

Damilola: Please permit me to pause here, thank you

Wise-solo: I can sense a lot of emotions poured in to this. This wasn’t just some politically correct Eulogy, but this is birth out from deep truth and well of emotions.

Damilola: Yes it is, their life was actually beyond impact.

Damilola: It actually got me emotional, but that’s alright. God knows why everything happened the way they happened.

Wise-solo: How do you intend to convert this pain you’ve experienced to a product that will be beneficial to people?

Damilola: By God’s grace, I’m working on something on my birthday in May, though I won’t disclose it here yet because it’s still under its planning stage. But I believe with the Messages God has placed in my heart from this storm, what we are planning would help a lot of people out there understand the beauty of Faith in the midst of storms and trials. So, I have May 24th in view, to talk about this particular things I am working on. Please guys, be expectant. What God has in store for us through this plan would indeed reach out to everyone in every corner of the world, it will definitely bless you beyond your widest dreams. So, may 24th in view😁

Wise-solo: Am so excited i can’t wait for 24th. By God’s grace he will see you through

Damilola: 😄😄😄please be really expectant, everyone, I believe Oluwa gatz us this season🙌

Wise-solo: I feel it wasn’t just ordinary that you push through the pain process, but to also help others navigate through it.

Damilola: That’s totally true Solo-whizzz, I believe God comforts us to help comfort others (like the way 2nd Corinthians 1:4 explains it).

Wise-solo: If a person who is going through emotional pain and needs to contact you to discuss about it more, how can the person get through to you?

Damilola: It’ll be my honest pleasure having a chat with such a person, I can be reached on instagram @dorcasaboderin, or Facebook as Dorcas Aboderin. Or you can contact the interviewer, He definitely would keep in touch with me.

Wise-solo: What are your last words for this interview?

Damilola: My final words here would be this:

Everything you’ve ever been through, that trial and the pains you experienced, God is aware, and He has promised to bring out beauty from ashes, oil of Joy instead of mourning, to give you garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness, all for His own glory. Isaiah 61:3

Wise-solo: Wow thank you for the time you took in sharing your painful experiences with us, as an avenue to liberate other people fighting similar storm.

Damilola: I feel honored to have shared all these with you Solo, it also helped me ease out a lot of all the HolySpirit has been helping me understand this period. I appreciate this platform, and I believe God would use it to help a lot of others out there rest on His faithfulness

Wise-solo: i am blessed by those inspiring words of yours, i guess through the help of God we are stronger than we thought.

Damilola: A loud yes, as long as the fire did not kill us, it’ll definitely make us stronger 💪💪💪




Wise-solo: all right THANK YOU SO MUCH DAMILOLA. “DAMISCO” as i fondly call you.


Damilola: My pleasure Solowhizz, thank you so much.