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Idiosyncratic writer and a Reluctant comedian. Writing is beyond passion for me, it's part of the air I breathe. Life maybe a war, but with pen I've got all the weapons I need, I may not have the solution to all my problems, but writing about them sure makes me feel better. i treat here like an open diary, so expect anything.

My interview with Jeff Eromosele, A writer, Public Speaker, Pastor and a Kingdom addict.

Wise-solo: Can you tell us your name in full please

P.J: Jeffery Eromosele…

Wise-solo: Alright

Wise-solo: do you have any nick name?

P.j : Well I do, some persons call me P. J which means pastor Jeff.. That’s like an abbreviation of my name..

Wise-solo: I would settle for that then…P.J

P.J : So I technically adopted it and use it for most of my online write ups…

P.J : But I would prefer you pastor Jeff in a platform like this…


Wise-solo: Tell us about your child hood?

P.J :Growing up for me was a bit challenging and the same time interesting…


P.J :My dad played a major role in my intellectual capacity apart from the formal education I got… I sincerely appreciate those days where he always brings newspapers to the house and we had no choice than to read and it helped me to broaden the scope of my mindset…

Wise-solo:That’s interesting.

Wise-solo: Kindly highlight three major lessons you learn from your challenges while growing up?

P.J :Well firstly, I learnt hard work, sometimes when it’s not convenient for me, my parents would still want us to do what is needed to be done and if you don’t, trust me, you will be in trouble with my dad and so I had a mindset of working hard..

Wise-solo:Okay the first lesson is HARD WORK?

P.J :Yes

P.J :Then secondly,

P.J :I learnt the act of submission and respect, my mum always gives my dad the respect due to him and it saved the house alot of troubles… I discovered from her that humility is the gateway to peace and tranquility in every marriage and home…It’s not always important to have your way all the times in issues, sometimes you just have to bend backward for peace to prevail and that’s why I never saw my dad and my mum fought for one day…


P.J :So I saw where it wasn’t convenient for her to succumb but she just had to… It was challenging to me anyway…

Wise-solo: WOW..”Humility is the gateway to peace and tranquility” what a word, i think i need to tweet that.

Wise-solo: I you ask me, one of the major reason why many marriages hit the rock these days, is the absence of what you just explained right now

P.J :Then lastly, peer pressure was a challenge major to me..

Wise-solo: Yes this is also a huge challenge right here, i was going to talk about that somewhere in the middle of this interview, but since you brought it up.

P.J : The first time I gave my life to Christ, I was still very young even though I really did not know what it means to be saved, I lost my salvation because of peer pressure, I saw my friends doing things differently and I consented to their ways, Prov1v10 says, “do not consent when sinners entice thee”…I went contrary to this scriptures, but thank God, I came back to the lord in 2006 and am still here basking in the lords arm… My mum and my aunt in Lagos played a major role in my restoration process, So I was able to build enough strength resist wrong advances and it helped me stayed in faith. Glory!

Wise-solo: wow.. that’s interesting.

Wise-solo: I know you to be a spontaneous writer, a pastor, and very intelligent?

Wise-solo: so what are the things you are passionate about that i refused to mention?

P.J : By God’s grace…

P.J : Am also passionate about purpose and a strong affinity with the person of the Holy Spirit… These are my cravings all the time..

Wise-solo: Now, we are getting to the real purpose of the interview.

Wise-solo: I know you to have an infectious passion and love for God, any story behind that?

P.J : Well, there are a lots of story but I will just say one of the major, my passion and love for God became fully blown when I encountered one of Benny Hinn book titled “Good morning Holy Spirit”, it transformed my life and since then my desire for God climaxed and I still watch videos of Him today..

Wise-solo: Interesting.

P.J : Hence the reason for my passion as regards the affinity with the Holy Spirit..

Wise-solo: You’re also an avid reader, would you like to share some of the books you’ve read in the past that has transformed your life, and please tell us about your all time favourite book, and some of the lesson you learn from it that made it your favorite?

P.J : Okay.

P.J : Well, two books stood out for me, they are, “the pursuit of purpose by Myles Munroe and Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn.

P.J : I learnt from Myles Munroe book that God created everyone with a purpose, and you can only Flourish in what you’ve been wired to do… We’ve been called to do a particular thing and not everything.

P.J : And then from Benny Hinn book, the Holy Spirit is the best friend anyone can ever have and He needs to be amplified in our lives by fellowshiping with his personality..

Wise-solo: wow.

Wise-solo: Now to the question of purpose, How do you discover your purpose?

P.J :My all time best book is still Good morning Holy Spirit cos it talks about the greatest helper of all time.. Without Him (Holy Spirit) we can do nothing.

P.J :Then to the question of how to discover purpose.

Wise-solo: YES?

P.J :We must first know that God created our purpose and it’s our responsibility to discover it…So Firstly, we must be connected to the one who made the purpose and then every other things will follow.


P.J :Finding out our passion will definitely point us toward our purpose… Passion is the fire of the soul that conveys to our place of purpose fulfillment.

P.J :So it’s important to ask yourself, what are my passionate about? This question will point you to the problems your life is meant to solve.

Wise-solo:When you look at this generation of youths, what comes to your mind?

Wise-solo: “Passion is the fire of the soul that conveys to our place of purpose” this is the bullet point that pretty sums up everything… trust me this is worth tweeting too.

Wise-solo: So it’s important to ask yourself, what are my passionate about? which many people especially the youths seldom asking today.

Wise-solo: When you look at this generation of youths, what comes to your mind?

P.J : Great potentials with an heavy dose of ignorance….So that’s why they have to be taught the act of Destiny realization..

P.J :That’s what comes to my mind.

Wise-solo: lol…. with heavy dose of ignorance

P.J : Yes.. They always want to do what’s available instead of doing what they’ve been wired for. And that’s what is causing confusion among the youths today.

Wise-solo: How do you think they can be helped?

P.J : Firstly, their mentality needs to be ventilated and knowledge does that ventilation.

P.J : The layers of ignorance must be dealt with by craving for knowledge, it involves reading books and listening to mentors in their desired field of endeavour. The way up is to connect with those that are already there.. That’s where mentoring is very important.

Wise-solo: wow.. so you mean knowledge is what they need, and not their fruitless attempt of trying to look like a particular celebrity?

P.J :Yes…They shouldn’t try to look like any celeb, those that possesses vision and are willing to work on it will definitely be watched on Television..

Wise-solo: wow you hit the point.

Wise-solo: What are the things you would say to a youth who is feeling a void, and not certain which step to take in life, and also to the youth who is about to give up in life?

P.J :Well, they should stay connected to God because he is the source of purpose… And then the place of prayers and diligent study will help bearing in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”,they shouldn’t be scared to start small.

Every vision needs time,a correct approach and the right environment to blossom and become a reality..That’s what every youth should know.


P.J :Knowledge births vision by opening a persons eyes to see correctly.

Wise-solo: do you have people you look up to, as a mentor?

P.J :Yes I do.

P.J : My mentors are, Pastor Benny Hinn, Dr. Paul Enenche, Pst Johnmark Ighosotu and Dr D. K. Olukoya

Wise-solo:Why did you chose them?

P.J : First of all, God connected me to my mentors and caused me to choose them, remember Phil2v13 says “God is at work in us to will and to do his good pleasure”.. They possess the instruction my destiny needs for fulfillment and there is this connection each time I listen to them. It is that connection that makes impact flows them to me.

Wise-solo:What are your plans to affect your generation?

P.J :Basically, most of my plans are pointed towards young people, and so a platform has been created to reach out to them.. One of such is the Ignition network and it’s geared towards sparking God consciousness and activating destiny and purpose fulfillment .. And that’s the reason for the online write ups and nuggets…Also the public speaking will be intensified, it’s time to catch them young and impact them with the right mindset.. So that we can have a world of enlightened people.. And this will be possible through Gods word and the Holy Spirit.

Wise-solo:What’s your idea on marriage?

P.J :Marriage is a beautiful venture instituted by God for the purpose of procreation and destiny enhancement….So if it’s not for these purposes, then it’s no longer marriage but a distortion of God’s order.

Wise-solo: Distortion of God’s order..The BULLET POINT.

Wise-solo:What do you think the youths are getting wrong about marriage?

P.J : It’s most times in the area of aligning their purpose with who to marry… Purpose comes before marriage, we must know what we’ve been called to do before venturing into it because by doing this, the youth will have pointers to who they should spend the rest of their lives with…Amos3v3 says,” two can’t work together except they first agree”..It’s a sync and the God factor that makes marriage productive and not just the euphoria of our longings… Marriage is way above some fantasies..So every youth must get it right..

Wise-solo: It is not a trip to Disney land.

Wise-solo: what’s your favorite quote?

P.J :”Great men are those of extraordinary passion that drives them to fulfillment”

Wise-solo:Succinctly presented.

Wise-solo:If anybody is to read this interview, what would you like them to always remember?

P.J :Everyone is a potential gold mine, look inward , amplify the Holy Spirit and the sky will be your starting point to the realm of no limit.

Wise-solo:What would you like to be remember for?

P.J :My passion for the person of the Holy Spirit so as to please Jesus and cause a divine revolution among the youths and humanity in general… That’s what I will love to be remembered for.

Wise-solo: Lastly what are your last words for this interview?

P.J :Don’t give up on yourself.. You can become all God wants you to be.. Just stay connected to God and the right company.

Wise-solo:I know you’re the pioneer of the IGNITE NETWORK.

Wise-solo: So how can people reach you?

P.J : My email is and then my phone number, 07032449442.

Wise-solo: Thank you so much for your time.

P.J : You are most welcome.








I Hope You’ve been reading the previous parts; this is the concluding part of the post. Continuation, he asked me a simple question “you should have been doing these things, why are you denying my people of my gift?” it was the next week I joined a group in a fellowship, but still low-key. The lessons I learnt was, God is not interested in your church going, but your personal relationship and interaction with him.

Lastly God striped me of every material thing I taught I possessed, I couldn’t even buy new clothes, it was frustrating for me, it was when I knew he wanted me to seek validation in the knowledge of who I am, and not in affiliation to material things, he taught me, that when we attached our identity to the things or people we can lose, we haven’t truly discover who we are. It was a painful lesson I learnt in a hard way.

Lastly, from 2016 to 2017 I applied for several things that didn’t work out, I wrote proposals that was denied countless times, though painful I learn a great lesson of building persistence and perseverance, I was using those failures to build and develop myself, I became more tougher inside, I began to see failure in different light, I began to see failure as an avenue for improvement.

All through those times, there wasn’t a day I wasn’t spending hours in my closet developing myself, I got to know the making of a general is not without tears, I was certain what my future holds, I know the impact I wanted to have in my world, those were my propelling force, I made a vow, that nobody who get close to me, with an open heart will leave me the same, the things I learn must be contagious. Those were what helped me to maintain my focus.

The last part of this article is more of an encouragement and a wakeup call, let me break your religious mindset, no matter any prophetic declaration if God wants you to learn a lesson, he will take you through a trying times and there is NOTHING any man can do about it, you might as well reserve the energy you want to use to pray against demons to improve yourself, and be attentive to God, most of those things are mainly distractions. If you ask me if I would like to go through those periods again, I won’t say yes, but sure I would love to learn those lessons over again. Remembering  that I lost some people to death towards the end of 2017 makes it more scary, but it taught me a great lesson of how fleeting mortals are, tomorrow is not certain, make your mark, follow your passion, don’t die on the wish bed.

This is to anybody who might be going through a difficult moment right now, stay calm, be sensitive to the lessons God is trying to teach you through pains, never compare your life with anyone else, we all are in different seasons of our life, if you compare your pain season to the blessing season of others, you might just end up more depressed. We all are running a different race.

For those who are yet to encounter obstacles in life, anticipate and embrace it when it come, you’re not possessed,  pain is what God uses to get our attention, knowing God experientially doesn’t come while you fold your leg and sipping coffee, experiences are what made great men. I hope you believe me when I say my 2017 being 365 days is not just a number for me.



frustration image

I trust you have read the last two part of the article, in case you haven’t kindly do so. I continue from where I stopped in part two.

Without further scrutiny, little did I know that 2017 was an advance version of 2016, more like an advance engineering mathematics?

The pain was quadruple, in 2017; I wasn’t just BROKE I was BROKEN, the thing about pain is, we know it will end one day, but what we don’t know is when, and that’s the most difficult part. God will show you the picture of where you are and where you will get to, but HARDLY will he show you what you will pass through and what it will cost you.

 Almost everything and everybody I relied on let me down, amidst my trying period God was speaking to me, he deliberately blinded people from me so I could truly TRUST HIM, honestly, that was the truth, up until then I claimed I trusted God, which in fact my hope has always been on man, while God was the backup plan, well things are about to change, he has taking matters in to his own hands, if God wants to use you, your absolute trust must be on him, that is the only way he won’t be able to share his glory with no man.

Again in 2017, I came to the end of myself, I felt emptiness and lack of meaning for life, nothing else makes sense, except the true knowledge of him, it was in him I found solace, I remembered I was about to take my shower one day, and I lean on the wall of the bathroom shedding  tears, trust me I was confused, I mean the whole thing was becoming unbearable, truth is God is aware of our tears, but he is NEVER MOVED BY OUR EMOTIONS, what he intend to teach you, you must learn it no matter what it will cost you, Note: I didn’t  learn all of these while I was in it, it was when I was mediating over them, that the blessings of the pain became clear.

As time goes on, I began to understand the work he was doing in my life, then he came again and convicted me of my gift, one morning I was brushing my teeth and I was wondering why I wasn’t operating in a higher dimension of his presence and power, and God spoke to me very clearly by asking me what I have done with the gift he gave to me, he said in heaven, they don’t waste resources, that was the morning I decided to visit secondary schools, prisons, and any gathering to speak and teach people about purpose.

I taught I was doing enough of my purpose, trust me I never want to have anything to do with carrying the bible, not because I hated God, I just hated how grossly abuse that pattern of life was, one day I attended a crusade by a man of God, and God took my attention to all the protocols and the things that were happening, and he asked me a simple question,  will continue the concluding part of this story tomorrow, please journey along with me, read, ponder on it and get blessed by it.


street preacher


You read the title correctly; it is not a typographical error. I remembered a story that was told by the pastor of my local church about  the M.F.M pastor that was posted to a foreign country, he went with the consuming zeal and passion to propagate the gospel, one of the ways he did it was through street evangelism, the decision that shred his religiosity, he made the greatest mistake of his life by approaching a white man to tell him about Jesus, No, the white man is not a typical African or a Nigerian where we are taught to absorb everything with little or no form of evidence, they have been taught to question things, no matter who or what is saying it, so after the white man listened to the endless charade wrapped around the attempt to win the him for Christ, the white man decided to save the Pastor his breathe by interrupting him with a question, “I have no problem with your gospel, but what are your plans in solving the Nigerian problem? Go back to your country solve their problem, then you can come back and tell me about Jesus” says the white man.

The pastor was so hurt, ashamed and embarrassed he immediately applied for a transfer back to Nigeria, the story was told, 5 years ago, everybody in the church laughed over the issue, and immediately mentally rehearsed how the white man is going to burn in Hell on the last day, because that seems to be our automated response to anybody that disagrees with our pattern of Christianity, our usual defense is how dare they come against the anointed? Because sadly enough our salvation has sharpened our judgmental skill, and shut out the place for love, back to my point.

Nobody could see what was wrong with the way we practice Christianity in this part of the world, where we focused on verbal evangelism than result driven Christianity, it was recently when I began to ponder on the story, I realized the white man was a critical thinker and not the enemy of the gospel, because ideally if the gospel works, it should work in the country and the life of the person propagating it, it should be so evident that it draws people to come seek answer from the source.

Would you buy clothe from a sales man who dresses shabbily? I know your answer already, if we can’t, why do we now separate Christianity from the everyday life? We’ve forgotten evangelism is also advertisement, only that it is backed up with the spirit of God, and not just eloquent of speech. Trust me I watched the constructed roads and bridges in China and Germany, and I was perplexed, if one of those engineer in charge of those bridges talks to you about Jesus, trust me you would listen to him 100 times more than a guy in a clean suit from a Nigeria that their road does not have a pot hole, rather their roads are inside a pot hole, but nobody is making any effort other than blaming the government.

I was dazed when I studied the account of Daniel, Joseph, Moses, David and Deborah in the bible, I realized their relevance was tied to solving a national problem, they solve a national problem either before or while they talked about Jesus Christ, but we the Nigerians seems to be reading the bible backward, it is though we were saved to determine people who won’t make heaven and those that we sit at Abraham bosom, while it is important to talk about Heaven and Hell, I doubt if people will listen if they don’t see a convincing result. I posted something on my facebook wall, I said if majority of people are to follow Christ judging by the results of people or elders that have been following him; majority of people will remain an Atheist, think about that.

I implore us, whenever we pick up our bible to share the gospel, we should also think in term of a problem we can solve, the world needs hope, they need rescue, from the orphaned child on the street, the hungry widow, the frustrated house girl who doesn’t get to sleep till 3am, to the commercial sex worker, the dilapidated educational system, down to the child labour, those are a scream of hope, proffering solutions to those problems will yield result and draw people to Christ thousandth time more than our verbal evangelism, because the only thing verbal evangelism will produce is more talk, till all our energies are drained out, not that we won’t produce result, but they will be far more below expectations.

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You must have read the part one, if you haven’t, I encourage you to go read it, so you could fully understand where the story is leading. I stopped at “something happened” this is the continuation.

I stumbled on a teaching by someone, he taught with so much confidence, assurance, and understanding beyond mortal, God why, why didn’t I know this man all my life, story for another day. The man is Dr Sunday Adelaja, the man that seems to have an idea of what I was going through without involving demon, well it was a relieve of some sort, I began to see the meaning to all my pains and frustration, I learnt in the space of 7 months about life, God, purpose, education and excellence, that I haven’t learnt in MY OVER 20 YEARS that I’ve been on earth.

It was then I realized for me to be fully ready for the purpose God has created me for, he needed to rip me of all the distractions, like money, friends and material things, I wish it was as simple as I’m writing this article, trust me, pain is no man’s friend. I shut myself out of the external world and began to learn from him through his online teachings; though my major struggle was to unlearn the junks I have stored in my memory and pride myself with over the years, most of his teachings are not conventional and they wrestled with my religiosity and ideologies, thank God am free, if I should talk about this it will be a full article of nothing less than 20,000 words, story for another day.

I became fully aware of my purpose, I taught I was ready to face the world and transform the mind of youths, but I had a lot to learn, more like the killing of lion by David in the wilderness as a preparatory class for defeating the goliath, back to the point, I struggled through the last year of 2016, just like everybody, I was hopeful, I am about to enter the new year all these struggles are about to be over, if I was sensitive enough I could hear God scream down from heaven saying “you’re a  joker, this is just the beginning” like the end of an interesting Nollywood movies with a continuation, that was those days, I don’t know how they do those movies now.

Happy New Year, this is 2017, you know what to expect, prophetic declarations were flying through the air like a missile from an air strike in Iraq, this year is your year, gibberish! Who am I not to believe them? You know is easier to believe what you have been dying to hear, without further scrutiny.  Bear with me is getting too long; I will continue the part 3 tomorrow.



There is no way I could talk about my 2017 without looking at the midyear of 2016 in retrospect.

I’ve been reluctant to share this story, but the impression has been so strong on me, usually when I feel this way, someone is about to be blessed by it.

It started mid 2016, like every young guy in his mid twenty, I had all my plans laid out, the strategy seems flawless, I have everything checked out my plan was lacking nothing Except GOD. You know when you have everything figured out but didn’t include the master planner is as though you hadn’t made any plan, and when he start to interrupt our plan, we begin to pray against the very God who is going to answer the prayer.

Back to my point, God began to show me is tough love, his first project was to make sure I lose everything that seems to be the pillar of my confidence, it took me some time for me to know it was God, but that was after I might have bind and cast foundational powers, territorial demons, unfriendly friends, the only thing I didn’t pray against was me. I could imagine the good laugh the man upstairs would have heard over my acidic ignorance.

Still I didn’t listen, I continue depend solely on my intuition and brain power, but I didn’t know my brain capacity wasn’t sophisticated enough to zero out God, so I continue in my state of ignorance, by asking everybody that care to listen, apparently, they were as clueless as I was, those that weren’t humble enough to admit it, came up with an explanation that has to do with demonic attack, I applaud their sincere love but wasn’t oblivion to their ignorance.

I’m known to be the energy giving guy, the motivational speaker (though I have changed the title to transformational speaker, because motivation is fleeting). I continue to appear in church and other gathering with an endless smile on my face, though you didn’t need a good shovel to dig down before you realize how fake those smiles were. I will motivate, encourage, inspire and teach people what I just learnt, either from a book, or a self educating video that I just watched. But I was quietly dying inside, all my smile was just a scream for rescue; I was almost drowning in pain and depression.

But something happened which was the beginning of my turn around, To be continued tomorrow.



Most of us don’t recognize who we are, because our identity has been buried in our job, our name and in the society.

The most disgusting thing in the world is not recognizing who we are, as a person (NOT OUR NAME)

Discovering our identity is the key to fulfilling our destiny.

When we attach our identity to things, the day we lose them, which we will, we lose who we are.

You will be someone else, if you do not answer the question of “WHO AM I?”

If you don’t have your own identity, you will adopt the brand of another company, in attempt to be relevant.

If you know who you are, it makes you immune to criticism.

We are mistaken when we gauge who we are by our physical appearance, even if we are physically fit, because sooner or later all of those attractive physical qualities will fade.

Often times, we are unsure of whom we are, or we haven’t made our name or value known to the world, that’s why we hide behind expensive things, to reflect a temporary worth.

The difference between success and failure is how we process them.

“thinking is the hardest work  there is, which is probably so few engage in it” – Henry ford

If you make people feel like they’re thinking, they will love you, but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you – Don Marquis.

If you don’t discover yourself and stay strong on whom you are, people will bury you in their opinion of expectation of you.

We are human of intrinsic value; we shouldn’t live like animals, by just getting married and baring children.

Your gift is not what you do, but what you are.

You will be poor until you find yourself.

There is a goal in our birth; there is a reason for our existence.

You will only succeed where your gift is.
Until you become slave of your gift, you will continue to struggle in obscurity.
Many people will never realize who they are, because they’re unwilling to go through the pain and trials.
Every man has a need to be great at something.
We are all born with a mission and a purpose on planet earth.
We do not decide to be born; hence we cannot live on our own terms.
Ignorance of one’s life mission leads to one life being used improperly.

Our Generation.


We now live in a generation where having a nice hair cut is more important than having a smart brain.
Where having a pink lip is more useful than having something useful to say.
Six pack is now another type of virtue.
Noise is misplaced for value.
A generation where what you lacked can be faked till you believe your own lie.
Where a guy can stay true to one barber for years, but can’t stay committed to one woman.
A generation once your make up, shoe, designer wears are on flick, your mind can go weak.
A generation where having an expensive wristwatch is expedient than having the consciousness of the time we are in.
Where having a good shoe can suffice for having a destination.
This generation is suffering from priority bankruptcy, not priority misplacement, because you can only misplace what you have, not what is lacking.
If this generation don’t have a shift of focus, and mind reorganization and reorientation, we will have so many people who are a liability to themselves and the society at large, let’s wake up and take charge of our Destiny.

When they tell you No.


“My First ‘No’: I’ve been waiting 14 years to share this story. Please take the time to read.

At 31 years of age, today marks the completion of:
1. Four years of a medical magnet school
2. Four years as a Neuroscience Major (B.S.)
3. Four years of Medical School (M.D.)
4. Five years of Orthopedic Surgery Residency
5. One year of Fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

That is 18 years of training, 14 years post high school. It is interesting as a child when you tell someone you want to be a doctor when you grow up…they believe and encourage you. Mostly because it is so far in the future and no normal human would even think of crushing a child’s dream. But the closer you get to accomplishing your dreams, the easier it is for people to discourage you and marginalize your goals.

In elementary school, I was the little girl who wanted to be a doctor, it was cute. Middle school I excelled, scored high and when I told teachers I wanted to be a doctor, they were all for it. High school, I was in a medical magnet school, took AP classes and it was a no brainer. I said I wanted to be a doctor, the response was always positive.

Along this path I entered college at the University of Miami, the best school in Florida. I was accepted to the Neuroscience program. The real journey was about to begin. With this journey would come many people, teachers, advisors, professors who would tell me that I could not and would not make it to M.D. Up until college, the idea of becoming a doctor was entertained and encouraged. Like I said earlier, as a little Black child it’s only perceived as a dream, not as a journey that will actually manifest.

The road to me obtaining an M.D. and later becoming an Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon was riddled with ‘No’. But last week, after a long day of surgery, I sat back and reflected on the first time I heard ‘I don’t think you can make it,’ or in simpler terms, when I heard my first ‘No.’

My first ‘No’ came my freshman year of college. I completed my first semester and had to meet with my freshman advisor. I met with Dr. Victoria Noriega, a beautiful intelligent woman that as a freshman I looked up to. I reviewed my grades with her. I had a B in biology, the rest were A’s. I’ll never forget when she told me I would not get into medical school. My grades were not high enough. She then proceeded to say, minorities do better in health related psychology fields. This was my first semester of college. She was the first person to tell me, I couldn’t make it to M.D., but she wouldn’t be the last.

Imagine, at 17, if I had listened to this advice from my advisor. The resulting cascade:
1. Never going to medical school to obtain my M.D.
2. If I did not move to Atlanta to attend medical school, I would never have met my pastor Michael L. McCrimmon , who ultimately introduced me to my husband Correll Bilbrew.
3. I would never have completed 5 years of Orthopedic Surgery and become the second African American from the oldest Orthopedic Training program in Texas.
4. I would not be graduating today as the first African American Female Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow at The University of Florida.

I’ve heard many No’s. I would not get into medical school. I should not be a surgeon because then, ‘I couldn’t get manicures and my hands would be constantly dry from scrubbing my hands from surgery’ (real comment from a medical school professor). I was told, ‘I fit better as a Family Practice physician’, because I don’t have the demeanor of a physician. I was told when scrubbed in to a surgery with an Orthopaedic Surgeon during the time I was applying to residency that ‘I would never get into an orthopedic residency; he would never vote for me to get in.’

You see, there are many No’s along my journey. I can honestly say not once did any No deter me. It literally went in one ear, out the other and in the garbage can. It never stopped my grind and that is why 14 years after that incident I’m graduating.

Be careful when you tell someone No. Today I have at least a dozen minorities I am mentoring to also become an orthopedic surgeon. How sad would it be if I heeded that first No. Imagine if instead of no, I heard ‘how can I help you get there.’ The closer you get to accomplishing your dreams, the easier it is for people to discourage you and marginalize your goals. Keep Striving.” ~ Dr. Lattisha L. Bilbrew, Orthopedic Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon.

Who lied to this generation?


Who lied to this generation?
Who told us is okay to comfortably put others down remorselessly, in an attempt to win a cheap public victory.
Who says it’s okay to love things and use people instead of vices versa, in an attempt to bag an unearned adulation?
What part of science thought us that putting other people’s light of greatness out, has an intrinsic effect of amplifying ours?
When did it become so cool to glorify an empty headed broad chested drifter of a guy, parading his six packs publicly, over a guy trying to make sense out of life, by using his talent to lift others?
How do we get to this sickening state, where the love to acquire a Gucci bag, and Versace shoes, regardless of how we get it, more important than the love for moderation and decency?
Gone are the days when our young men, look forward to a role model like Albert Einstein who rise above his inadequacies to become great, or  look forward to becoming a man like Ben Carson an excellent surgeon, or Joseph lister, the pioneer of medicine.
We no longer learn the resilience of the wright brothers in inventing the aeroplane, nor the fortitude of Winston Churchill against the Nazi armies.
What you see is how to trump the swag of the latest popstar, how the ladies could super imposed the fashion style of rihanna, lady gaga, Nicki minaj and their likes.
Our girls are willing to go to any length to get the latest Brazilian weaves as opposed to increasing the content of their brain an character.
No wonder the adults are carefully ignoring the youths, because with their impeccable sense of judgement, they see no credible future coming out of this kind of irritating lifestyle.
Once your Social media followership is up to date, every thing in your life can fall apart.
We cherished the acceptance of virtual friendship over the sincere criticism of a loving Friend.
My question to us today is who lied to us?
Who lied to us that with this kind of lifestyle, our generation will be proud that we came?
Until their is a major shift of our paradigm, and we break free from this mental stronghold,
The youths may gradually go in to extinction, yet existing.
I weep for my generation.