My testimony of how God’s grace saw me through the pains and trauma of losing my eldest brother and my mentor, and some other friends, in one day. My interview with Dorcas Oluwadamilola Aboderin.



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Wise-solo: Please can you tell us your name in full?

Damilola: I am Dorcas Oluwadamilola Aboderin.

Wise-solo: How was growing up like for   you?

Damilola: Growing up was really great, I used to be really quiet and shy, I think I’m still quiet though. I guess that period, it saved me from lots of trouble since I was on my own, most of the time, or with close friends. I bonded more with family and close friends.

Wise-solo: What do you consider to be an ideal life as a young teenage girl, and did your view bout life changed at some point when you became an adult?


Damilola: Based on the environment I was exposed to, you were given a well-done-pat on the back when you get excellent grades in school, that kind of mentality. It was really beautiful then because it helped me set my priorities right, and take education serious. However, I guess my view just adjusted a bit: I used to be scared of failure, I spelt it as being useless. Growing up, I realised failure meant “Get better, or improve”. Instead of killing yourself because you failed, let it be a lesson for you to get better. I guess it was Edison who tried 999 ways and failed when making the light bulb. He rather said he found 999 ways of how not to make light bulb.

Damilola: That’s my mentality now, rather than not do anything because you’re scared it would not work out or you might fail in it, why not take a step, learn from your mistakes, and grow.

Wise-solo: wow so the world out there is not ready for a pity party?

Damilola: Totally true, I know some guys out there who refused to flow with the pity party, like Cobhams Asuko, Nick (the guy without legs). Rather than worry about what you don’t have, thank God for what you have and use it the best way.

Wise-solo: okay we will talk more about your growth process later

Now let’s get more personal….Drum ROLL….

Wise-solo: The past four months was a life transforming season for you, would you mind telling us about it?

Damilola: Alright, that’s great then.

Damilola: It really was! Precisely November got me asking God lots of questions. I was actually involved in an accident with a group of friends, the accident killed my eldest brother and my mentor. I and some others were in coma for weeks, but I’m far stronger now to the glory of God

Damilola: That season, I almost lost my faith in God because I felt he betrayed me. But with time and with God, he sent me some amazing friends who came around to sharpen me. Their comfort that period really made me far stronger. One particular scripture that made more sense to me was Phillipians 1:21, which I’ll paraphrase; “if I’m to live on this earth, I’ll live for Christ. However, death is absolutely more gainful.”

It made me come to terms with the fact that earth is only a temporary home, there’s a more glorious place we should all have in view; Heaven. Lots of glory and peace up there. It made me understand the beauty of Faith in the midst of storm.


Wise-solo: i know there are some things that can’t be put in to words, but if you don’t mind could you walk us through the pain process, what or how  do you feel when the reality first hit your face, when you recovered from coma and expecting the world to compensate you for facing life once again, only to discover you are about to face the worst nightmare of your life?

Damilola: Alright, here’s what happened, When I got to know what happened, what brought me to the hospital, and what happened to everyone else, I actually wished the accident took my life instead, I never imagined I could live with the memories of everything flooding my head, it was too much. At a point, I wished rapture could happen immediately, I just wished the whole world ended. For weeks, I thought it was a dream, it still feels like a dream though, but like He told Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9, the Holy-Spirit helped me rest on the truth that His grace would help me scale through that phase.

Damilola: So that has been my testimony, that in my weakness, I really found strength with God’s word.

Damilola: I spent more time listening to messages about how we are to handle such situations, through God’s word.

Wise-solo: hmmmm! thank you for being open with your scar, not everyone is brave enough to handle this.

Damilola: It’s my pleasure 😊.

Wise-solo: What would you say are some of the things tragedies are out to steal from people?

Damilola: The truth is, the devil is actually not after your cash, or your spouse, or your health, or your job. He’s after your faith in God. When tragedies hit a person, I believe it has one major assignment, to shift your gaze from God to the storm, to make you lose confidence in God. I believe this one thing is what tragedies aim to steal: Your faith in God and the finished work of Christ.

Damilola: So He looks for ways to touch these things, so you’ll loose faith in God.

Wise-solo: This is so profound.

Damilola: I’m glad it is🙌

Wise-solo: i’ve heard people say they could manage to look over the pain of what happened, but they can’t deal with the memory of loss of their loved ones, what would you say to such person, and how would you advice them?

Damilola: The memories would definitely keep playing back, even on my side, it still does. When the memories flood my mind, what I do is thank God that those who died are somewhere far better. I had a talk with myself after the incident, that for those who went to heaven, as long as they have seen and tasted of the overwhelming glory up there, they won’t even want to return to earth. Though some memories are unforgettable, I let them inspire me to live totally for Christ, to give my whole life out for the gospel. I want to leave this world empty, knowing that I let my light so shine for the world to see and give glory to my Daddy in Heaven.So I’ll advice, for those out there, when the memories come up, thank God for the life they lived, and let it spur you to live with eternity in view, coz the earth is only a temporary home. Heaven is by far better

Wise-solo: thoughtful response.

Damilola: Thank you Wise Solo 😊

Wise-solo: hope am not overwhelming you with questions?

Damilola: 😄😄nooo, the questions are alright.

Wise-solo: Does the incident make you understand The love of God in a different light from what you used to know and believed?

Damilola: Yes it really does, the whole incidence gave me a deeper perspective about God’s love. It made me understand the passage that says God doesn’t tempt us. But he never allows a temptation beyond what we can bear come to us. Meaning, He’s with us through out the trails, and His grace is sufficient to help us scale through and to strengthen our Faith. Even moments when it felt like God was silent, those moments when I got angry with Him, I rested on His word in Psalm 23: He leads me beside the still waters for His name sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, even though the trials seems so wild, even though the pains were much, I rested on the fact that He was still there as my shield. It helped me trust in His love, that He was with me throughout that phase.

Wise-solo: Wow beautiful!

Damilola: I appreciate Baba God for strength🙌😊

Wise-solo: Having gone through this wilderness experience, how do you now see LIFE  and TIME?

Damilola: After everything, I see life as only being valuable in Christ. I’ve come to understand that it’s only the man in Christ that actually has life, nothing else means anything to me. It’s alright to have relevance here on earth, to excel in your job and your circle, but don’t let it be at the expense of your Faith in Christ. Because we would leave this earth empty, without cash or acquisition or properties. So let your value be “To Know Christ, and To make Him known”

Wise-solo: hmmm so true.

Wise-solo: In essence Tragedy doesn’t come to destroy us only if we let it, but to shake us and give us a reawakening about how life is supposed to be lived.

Damilola: Totally true, and it’s confirmed in James 1:2, consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds, because it’ll help you test your faith, bring your faith to the fire to see how strong it is, and the testing of your faith produces perseverance. So I believe pressure through trails helps us know our strength in faith. Relating it to the seeds been planted, when storms came, it was only the seed deeply rooted in the word, that was able to withstand the storm and remind firm.

Wise-solo: Am sure there are people out there reading this interview going through the same pain or worst, please take your time to address them, as someone who have been through it. and let them see the reason to push on.

Damilola: Guys, the truth is that storms would definitely come, the devil has lots if strategies to sway a believer, according to Ephesians 6:10-20. This particular passage helps us know how to be girded as soldiers on earth, so no matter how hard the devil tries, the shield of God’s word, and the other armors, help you withstand the wiles and deceit of the devil.

Wise-solo: hmm profound.

Damilola: It’s just a call to always remain girded, always get ready and fully armoured, before the storms even show up.

Wise-solo: Before we round up this interview, let me ask the last five questions?

Damilola: Alright, please go ahead my brother🙌

Wise-solo: Do you ever imagine there will come a day you will have the strength to confront this kind of storm, and what was the source of that strength?

Damilola: I never believed I would face such in my entire life, I used to be of opinion that a man in Christ would never go through a bad season, I felt bad seasons were only for evil people. But I believe this season made me come to terms with the fact that the devil is always out there looking for whom to devour. We only remain un-devourable in Christ, and when we are fully girded with the armor to resist the devil’s wiles

Damilola: When the storms came, I believe God’s word I had stored up over time helped me shield the devil’s wiles away.

Wise-solo: Beautiful.

Damilola: Yes that’s the major, I believe we should take the word of God as being beyond sermons or verses we cram, and applying it to real life situations.

Wise-solo: What would you say about your late Mentor Barrister Ruth Otiotio, how as she influenced your life and the life of others?

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Damilola: This one in particular gets me really emotional, but I’ll say something notwithstanding, I trust God wants to use it as a message to others out there

I fondly called her mama because she mentored me like a mother. Her memories remain in my heart forever. Every single day, I keep craving for her sincere advice.

I remember how she took the things of God really personal. Her usual quote on instagram was: “The King loves you and so do I”….Now the love of God makes more sense to me now. Her life’s mantra was “Service to God and humanity.” She was always selfless when it comes to serving others, the passion was always there. She handled lots of programs to help so many ladies out there, lots of testimonies came in after every event. I really do miss her, and I’m glad the impact of her life still live on in the lives of many. I’ll stop here please.


Wise-solo: Am sorry it gets you emotional.

Wise-solo: What would you say the young ladies out there should learn from her?

Damilola: I’ll love the young ladies out there to learn from is this:

Understand your worth is not in your body, or your spouse, or your cash. Your worth is in Christ. Let that spur you to live totally for Him, let other ladies be inspired by your lifestyle, let it create a ripple effect in the lives of others around you. Continually use what God has placed in you to transform the lives of others. Know Christ for yourself, and make Him known around the world.

Wise-solo: Thank you so much, i know am bringing back memories but i trust God to use it to transform lives.

Damilola: It’s alright Solo.

Wise-solo: As regard to your elder brother, what would you say about him?

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Damilola: I really hope I can get myself together to say something now.


Damilola: Alright, let’s see. I fondly called him Egbon, as my eldest brother. Bro Segun was less concerned about acquisitions, wealth, fame, etc. Though he had lots of plans to have a great life and family, but his priority was God’s work. He spelt out humility to us as siblings. He represented this deep counsel and agenda of God within and outside His circle. I always observed how He used His earnings to help others in need; we had lots of visits to less-privileged homes, I learnt sacrifice from him. He was always concerned about the souls, evangelism, getting soaked in God’s word. Egbon Segun lived with eternity in view. I thank God He’s somewhere far better, full of glory, where no worries exist, with our father up there; that’s the only thing that gave me comfort after everything happened.

Damilola: Please permit me to pause here, thank you

Wise-solo: I can sense a lot of emotions poured in to this. This wasn’t just some politically correct Eulogy, but this is birth out from deep truth and well of emotions.

Damilola: Yes it is, their life was actually beyond impact.

Damilola: It actually got me emotional, but that’s alright. God knows why everything happened the way they happened.

Wise-solo: How do you intend to convert this pain you’ve experienced to a product that will be beneficial to people?

Damilola: By God’s grace, I’m working on something on my birthday in May, though I won’t disclose it here yet because it’s still under its planning stage. But I believe with the Messages God has placed in my heart from this storm, what we are planning would help a lot of people out there understand the beauty of Faith in the midst of storms and trials. So, I have May 24th in view, to talk about this particular things I am working on. Please guys, be expectant. What God has in store for us through this plan would indeed reach out to everyone in every corner of the world, it will definitely bless you beyond your widest dreams. So, may 24th in view😁

Wise-solo: Am so excited i can’t wait for 24th. By God’s grace he will see you through

Damilola: 😄😄😄please be really expectant, everyone, I believe Oluwa gatz us this season🙌

Wise-solo: I feel it wasn’t just ordinary that you push through the pain process, but to also help others navigate through it.

Damilola: That’s totally true Solo-whizzz, I believe God comforts us to help comfort others (like the way 2nd Corinthians 1:4 explains it).

Wise-solo: If a person who is going through emotional pain and needs to contact you to discuss about it more, how can the person get through to you?

Damilola: It’ll be my honest pleasure having a chat with such a person, I can be reached on instagram @dorcasaboderin, or Facebook as Dorcas Aboderin. Or you can contact the interviewer, He definitely would keep in touch with me.

Wise-solo: What are your last words for this interview?

Damilola: My final words here would be this:

Everything you’ve ever been through, that trial and the pains you experienced, God is aware, and He has promised to bring out beauty from ashes, oil of Joy instead of mourning, to give you garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness, all for His own glory. Isaiah 61:3

Wise-solo: Wow thank you for the time you took in sharing your painful experiences with us, as an avenue to liberate other people fighting similar storm.

Damilola: I feel honored to have shared all these with you Solo, it also helped me ease out a lot of all the HolySpirit has been helping me understand this period. I appreciate this platform, and I believe God would use it to help a lot of others out there rest on His faithfulness

Wise-solo: i am blessed by those inspiring words of yours, i guess through the help of God we are stronger than we thought.

Damilola: A loud yes, as long as the fire did not kill us, it’ll definitely make us stronger 💪💪💪




Wise-solo: all right THANK YOU SO MUCH DAMILOLA. “DAMISCO” as i fondly call you.


Damilola: My pleasure Solowhizz, thank you so much.


My interview with Jeff Eromosele, A writer, Public Speaker, Pastor and a Kingdom addict.

Wise-solo: Can you tell us your name in full please

P.J: Jeffery Eromosele…

Wise-solo: Alright

Wise-solo: do you have any nick name?

P.j : Well I do, some persons call me P. J which means pastor Jeff.. That’s like an abbreviation of my name..

Wise-solo: I would settle for that then…P.J

P.J : So I technically adopted it and use it for most of my online write ups…

P.J : But I would prefer you pastor Jeff in a platform like this…


Wise-solo: Tell us about your child hood?

P.J :Growing up for me was a bit challenging and the same time interesting…


P.J :My dad played a major role in my intellectual capacity apart from the formal education I got… I sincerely appreciate those days where he always brings newspapers to the house and we had no choice than to read and it helped me to broaden the scope of my mindset…

Wise-solo:That’s interesting.

Wise-solo: Kindly highlight three major lessons you learn from your challenges while growing up?

P.J :Well firstly, I learnt hard work, sometimes when it’s not convenient for me, my parents would still want us to do what is needed to be done and if you don’t, trust me, you will be in trouble with my dad and so I had a mindset of working hard..

Wise-solo:Okay the first lesson is HARD WORK?

P.J :Yes

P.J :Then secondly,

P.J :I learnt the act of submission and respect, my mum always gives my dad the respect due to him and it saved the house alot of troubles… I discovered from her that humility is the gateway to peace and tranquility in every marriage and home…It’s not always important to have your way all the times in issues, sometimes you just have to bend backward for peace to prevail and that’s why I never saw my dad and my mum fought for one day…


P.J :So I saw where it wasn’t convenient for her to succumb but she just had to… It was challenging to me anyway…

Wise-solo: WOW..”Humility is the gateway to peace and tranquility” what a word, i think i need to tweet that.

Wise-solo: I you ask me, one of the major reason why many marriages hit the rock these days, is the absence of what you just explained right now

P.J :Then lastly, peer pressure was a challenge major to me..

Wise-solo: Yes this is also a huge challenge right here, i was going to talk about that somewhere in the middle of this interview, but since you brought it up.

P.J : The first time I gave my life to Christ, I was still very young even though I really did not know what it means to be saved, I lost my salvation because of peer pressure, I saw my friends doing things differently and I consented to their ways, Prov1v10 says, “do not consent when sinners entice thee”…I went contrary to this scriptures, but thank God, I came back to the lord in 2006 and am still here basking in the lords arm… My mum and my aunt in Lagos played a major role in my restoration process, So I was able to build enough strength resist wrong advances and it helped me stayed in faith. Glory!

Wise-solo: wow.. that’s interesting.

Wise-solo: I know you to be a spontaneous writer, a pastor, and very intelligent?

Wise-solo: so what are the things you are passionate about that i refused to mention?

P.J : By God’s grace…

P.J : Am also passionate about purpose and a strong affinity with the person of the Holy Spirit… These are my cravings all the time..

Wise-solo: Now, we are getting to the real purpose of the interview.

Wise-solo: I know you to have an infectious passion and love for God, any story behind that?

P.J : Well, there are a lots of story but I will just say one of the major, my passion and love for God became fully blown when I encountered one of Benny Hinn book titled “Good morning Holy Spirit”, it transformed my life and since then my desire for God climaxed and I still watch videos of Him today..

Wise-solo: Interesting.

P.J : Hence the reason for my passion as regards the affinity with the Holy Spirit..

Wise-solo: You’re also an avid reader, would you like to share some of the books you’ve read in the past that has transformed your life, and please tell us about your all time favourite book, and some of the lesson you learn from it that made it your favorite?

P.J : Okay.

P.J : Well, two books stood out for me, they are, “the pursuit of purpose by Myles Munroe and Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn.

P.J : I learnt from Myles Munroe book that God created everyone with a purpose, and you can only Flourish in what you’ve been wired to do… We’ve been called to do a particular thing and not everything.

P.J : And then from Benny Hinn book, the Holy Spirit is the best friend anyone can ever have and He needs to be amplified in our lives by fellowshiping with his personality..

Wise-solo: wow.

Wise-solo: Now to the question of purpose, How do you discover your purpose?

P.J :My all time best book is still Good morning Holy Spirit cos it talks about the greatest helper of all time.. Without Him (Holy Spirit) we can do nothing.

P.J :Then to the question of how to discover purpose.

Wise-solo: YES?

P.J :We must first know that God created our purpose and it’s our responsibility to discover it…So Firstly, we must be connected to the one who made the purpose and then every other things will follow.


P.J :Finding out our passion will definitely point us toward our purpose… Passion is the fire of the soul that conveys to our place of purpose fulfillment.

P.J :So it’s important to ask yourself, what are my passionate about? This question will point you to the problems your life is meant to solve.

Wise-solo:When you look at this generation of youths, what comes to your mind?

Wise-solo: “Passion is the fire of the soul that conveys to our place of purpose” this is the bullet point that pretty sums up everything… trust me this is worth tweeting too.

Wise-solo: So it’s important to ask yourself, what are my passionate about? which many people especially the youths seldom asking today.

Wise-solo: When you look at this generation of youths, what comes to your mind?

P.J : Great potentials with an heavy dose of ignorance….So that’s why they have to be taught the act of Destiny realization..

P.J :That’s what comes to my mind.

Wise-solo: lol…. with heavy dose of ignorance

P.J : Yes.. They always want to do what’s available instead of doing what they’ve been wired for. And that’s what is causing confusion among the youths today.

Wise-solo: How do you think they can be helped?

P.J : Firstly, their mentality needs to be ventilated and knowledge does that ventilation.

P.J : The layers of ignorance must be dealt with by craving for knowledge, it involves reading books and listening to mentors in their desired field of endeavour. The way up is to connect with those that are already there.. That’s where mentoring is very important.

Wise-solo: wow.. so you mean knowledge is what they need, and not their fruitless attempt of trying to look like a particular celebrity?

P.J :Yes…They shouldn’t try to look like any celeb, those that possesses vision and are willing to work on it will definitely be watched on Television..

Wise-solo: wow you hit the point.

Wise-solo: What are the things you would say to a youth who is feeling a void, and not certain which step to take in life, and also to the youth who is about to give up in life?

P.J :Well, they should stay connected to God because he is the source of purpose… And then the place of prayers and diligent study will help bearing in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”,they shouldn’t be scared to start small.

Every vision needs time,a correct approach and the right environment to blossom and become a reality..That’s what every youth should know.


P.J :Knowledge births vision by opening a persons eyes to see correctly.

Wise-solo: do you have people you look up to, as a mentor?

P.J :Yes I do.

P.J : My mentors are, Pastor Benny Hinn, Dr. Paul Enenche, Pst Johnmark Ighosotu and Dr D. K. Olukoya

Wise-solo:Why did you chose them?

P.J : First of all, God connected me to my mentors and caused me to choose them, remember Phil2v13 says “God is at work in us to will and to do his good pleasure”.. They possess the instruction my destiny needs for fulfillment and there is this connection each time I listen to them. It is that connection that makes impact flows them to me.

Wise-solo:What are your plans to affect your generation?

P.J :Basically, most of my plans are pointed towards young people, and so a platform has been created to reach out to them.. One of such is the Ignition network and it’s geared towards sparking God consciousness and activating destiny and purpose fulfillment .. And that’s the reason for the online write ups and nuggets…Also the public speaking will be intensified, it’s time to catch them young and impact them with the right mindset.. So that we can have a world of enlightened people.. And this will be possible through Gods word and the Holy Spirit.

Wise-solo:What’s your idea on marriage?

P.J :Marriage is a beautiful venture instituted by God for the purpose of procreation and destiny enhancement….So if it’s not for these purposes, then it’s no longer marriage but a distortion of God’s order.

Wise-solo: Distortion of God’s order..The BULLET POINT.

Wise-solo:What do you think the youths are getting wrong about marriage?

P.J : It’s most times in the area of aligning their purpose with who to marry… Purpose comes before marriage, we must know what we’ve been called to do before venturing into it because by doing this, the youth will have pointers to who they should spend the rest of their lives with…Amos3v3 says,” two can’t work together except they first agree”..It’s a sync and the God factor that makes marriage productive and not just the euphoria of our longings… Marriage is way above some fantasies..So every youth must get it right..

Wise-solo: It is not a trip to Disney land.

Wise-solo: what’s your favorite quote?

P.J :”Great men are those of extraordinary passion that drives them to fulfillment”

Wise-solo:Succinctly presented.

Wise-solo:If anybody is to read this interview, what would you like them to always remember?

P.J :Everyone is a potential gold mine, look inward , amplify the Holy Spirit and the sky will be your starting point to the realm of no limit.

Wise-solo:What would you like to be remember for?

P.J :My passion for the person of the Holy Spirit so as to please Jesus and cause a divine revolution among the youths and humanity in general… That’s what I will love to be remembered for.

Wise-solo: Lastly what are your last words for this interview?

P.J :Don’t give up on yourself.. You can become all God wants you to be.. Just stay connected to God and the right company.

Wise-solo:I know you’re the pioneer of the IGNITE NETWORK.

Wise-solo: So how can people reach you?

P.J : My email is and then my phone number, 07032449442.

Wise-solo: Thank you so much for your time.

P.J : You are most welcome.





My interview with Barrister Ayegbanengiyefa Ruth Otiotio. A singer, Songwriter, Speaker, writer, Barrister and an Entrepreneur.










Kindly tell us your name in full?

                                                              My Name is Ayegbanengiyefa Ruth Otiotio

 Do you have a Nick name?

                                                                    Lool I have a lot of nicknames… Ruthie, RU tee tee, nengisco, nengi baybee.

Wow that’s quite a lot (smile).

                                                               Haha I know


How was growing up like?

                                                                  Ahh… It was awesome… I’m the first of five children… I’ve always had my siblings and people around me who made life very interesting… Plus my mom and dad I call them the super duo… They did everything in their power God helping them to give us the best of life… I think to a large extent I can say God was and is still absolutely faithful…


What course did you study in the university?

                                                               I studied the almighty ‘LAW’


“Almighty” indeed


What made you studied law?

                                                                   Well a number of things… First I’ve always had a flair for everything that does not involve numbers except it is ALERT. Also I hate injustice. I remember I would watch movies about the American civil war and my blood would boil… I think I would easily have been a Rosa Parks had I been born in that time and place. I also had a lot of encouragement from my dad and people around me to study law. Lastly I figured that a lot of the great leaders of our times and in time past were lawyers so it only made sense to study what they studied… Ha-ha… It’s funny though I’m not into litigation now that I’m a qualified lawyer… I mostly do corporate law… I might dabble into litigation one day may be to defend a rape victim…

I love your sterling sense of humor; the first line of your statement got me laughing real hard

                                                                          Haha… I guess it’s a gift I should think of developing… Thank you sir…

What are the major turning points in your life?

                                                                      Hmmn… I’ve had several, but I think for me life has been more of a process… I’ve sort of found myself blooming gradually… I’m not really one of those people who had major light bulb moments and then their lives are completely turned around… I’ve had probably too many light bulb moments… I mean I read a book I get a light bulb moment… I hear a message. From a conversation with a friend… I think for me I would say my major turning points happen almost every day, such that I find myself changing and getting better in various areas of life… I’ll give an instance I recently read a book by Sunday Adelaja on destroying poverty and he taught me some money principles which completely changed my mindset on how I deal with my finances. I have been practicing those principles and can see change already … So that for is a major turning point…

I guess you have Thomas Edison to thank for having such light bulbs in your possession.

                                                                      Haha… That guy saved plenty things oooo…

I was reserving the book question till later, but since you brought that up, i know you read a lot. Can you tell me some of the books you’ve read, and your all-time favourite?

                                                                          Hmmn… Okay my all-time favourite… That’s hard o… I think I’ll go with Daughter you can make it by Dag Mills a Ghanaian preacher… Apart from my father and mother that was one book that made me believe that a woman can be anything she wants in this world… That book made be ignore blackberry for a day…

Then for novels I’ll say “And the shofar blew by Francine Rivers”.

Ohoho! So you’re a phone addict?

                                                                     Ah Omo… Then o… It was terrible that time bb just came out…

I feel your pain, i can relate.


Wow! Though i don’t read novels

                                                                     You should consider it,

                                                                     Novels can be very interesting.

Well maybe because I am a Realist and Shakespeare choice of words made me flee from novels.

                                                                  Hahaha… Sha I get…

So if you are to recommend a life changing book for a young lady, struggling for which path to take in life, what book would that be?

                                                                      Daughter You Can Make Dag Heyward Mills. I would also add woman thou art loose TD Jakes, Kissed the girls and made them cry Lisa Bevere, any book by Sunday Adelaja, Power of priorities DK Olukoya…

                                                             Lool I know u said one

                                                             But I might as well hehe…

Wow, you’re a walking library.

                                                             Ha-ha! Not at all.

                                                             I’ve just managed to read some books in my small lifetime

I know you to be a lady who is in control of her life, i mean purpose driven and conscious of where she’s heading in life, so were you born like that, or there was time in your life when you were unorganized and unkempt. Would you like to share some practical steps, laws and principles in which you apply to achieve such mastery?

                                                                 Haha… Not at all… I am blessed to be born into a home where we are taught to be God conscious and productive in life… However I didn’t always, at times in my life I have found myself drifting away from the truth… But I’ve always had a sense of direction I want to live a life that would help others so a lot of times when I found myself off track, I would ask questions like if I continue like this what would become of all the lofty dreams God has put in my heart… Somehow I’m able to navigate my way back with the help of God. Another thing for me that is key is being real with God… Like if you know what you’re dealing with, don’t act like you’re not dealing with such things and be forming like you have it all together… Be as real as you can with him and he will help you… Also the people around you… I’ve had to un-make (if there is such a word) bad decisions about people around me. When I did that the right people came gradually

This is deep!

I also know you have this unwavering passion for business, can you tell us your journey in to the business world, your first love for it. Being a barrister, and still having the zeal for business, how does that come to play, in details please?

                                                                           Hahaha… I’ve always loved business… When I was younger I would string beads on threads and sell them to my mom as bangles and earrings… At a time I and my sisters started something called glitter family… We would make cards for Christmas etc. and sell them to anyone who cared to buy mostly family…


                                                                       Then while in law school, I would order shoes from the UK and my sister would bring them for me when she was on holiday and I would sell them. After a while I learnt to make Ankara accessories and started that… I made earrings for my colleagues in law school… By the time I went for Nysc I realized I could make my business a gifts business and supply souvenirs for events so that took off as ARO GiFtS selling hampers during Christmas…

It has always been in your blood then.

                                            Right now we are working on expanding into events proper…

                                           That is still in the works though so I’m not able to say much.


Am staring to think this law thing you studied was just for formality sake.

Can you tell us your business name, and what are the challenges you have faced running the business?

                                                                  ARO GIFTS is the name for now, but we are working on rebranding it to ARO GiFTS and Events… It is a gift and Events Company that supplies souvenir items for special occasions, and the events part, we are working on becoming a one stop center for all events need… So basically we want to be the company that plans your event… For me the ability to keep your customers is one key area for me, and them finding the right people who can run with what you have in mind.

 My major challenge has been people. Then next to people was the increase in dollar rate, it was really bad at a point. Because the prices skyrocketed so much so that it was hard to even tell your clients the new and improved price of certain items.

I guess the dollar issue is felt even by an unborn child.

                                                                      I forgot to mention that we are also put an African touch to all our items… Yes o.

How were you able to manage and still keep the business alive?

                                                                 It was something else, at a point i had to focus on other things for a while then think on how I could re-strategize….


I guess every business at a point will take a blow. That’s where persistence and passion kicks in.

                                                                   Yes sir!



 How did you come about the name Aro gift?

                                                                        Ha-ha! ARO is my initials. But the full name of the company is ALLURING ROSE.

Alluring rose. That’s awesome

What are the core values and principles that govern your business?

                                                                                   First our catch phrase is To you with love

                                                                                   We want to create happiness in everyone’s life

                                                                                   Our customers, and the recipients of the gift items,   

                                                                                Both those who work for the company.

                                                                                 We want to create a world of happy people.



Happiness is an essential element next to oxygen in a Man’s life

                                                                                     Yes it is

Okay, that’s brilliant

How can people find you online?

                                                                                        Okay! Facebook: Ruth Otiotio, Instagram: nengiyefa

                                                                                          Business handle: Instagram:


Funny question.


As a young vibrant lady who has so much going on in her life, do you sometimes feel like, men find you intimidating?


                                               I hope not… I think I’m pretty easy to get along with when you get to know me.

                                              From afar you might not feel that way though… Hahaha

Oh okay.

                                             I guess some might, but that shouldn’t be the case unless he is NFA

                                              No FUTURE AMBITION.

Most men get scared easily, they just have a nice way of concealing it.

                                                                                                     Lool okay o…




On a lighter note, have you had a funny experience with a man trying to get your attention?


                                                                            Hahaha yes somebody once told me my head is like world cup.

I can’t believe I laugh really hard to this one, was that supposed to be a compliment?

                                                                              Yes it was…. Haha… I almost fainted with laughter myself, so I understand.

 What would you say to young women who see marriage as their only life assignment?

                                                                      Please! Please, and please… That is such a dangerous misconception. Marriage is part and parcel of a greater assignment. God knew that the job he gave each of us to do is such that we would need a companion to help us… Both in good and bad times so he gave us marriage as a platform… Please it is important for ladies to fully develop their God given abilities to the point that they can deliver it with excellence to the world. Marriage is very important but it is not the end of the matter… If it was God would have made life such that once you marry you will go straight to heaven because you have completed your assignment. I pray that God almighty would reveal his deep secrets to all young ladies especially those from the African climes. We have so much to offer and this can be done in absolute humility and true surrender to God if with top notch excellence too.


i can see the passion in which you respond to this question, and you put it in a more succinct way.

                                                                          I believe it is something that really needs to be addressed…

When you look around the world, especially Nigeria, and you see the way the young girls are living their life, what comes to your mind?


                                                                                               They are eagles that think they are chickens.

Do you think the environment has conditioned them that way?

                                                                                          Many yes but some have been placed in the right environment but lack the understanding of who they really are so they settle for less. We started a program last year for young ladies it’s called Rubies international where we come together and discuss several of such issues although it has been on and off. I think this discussion is a prompter that there is need to work on making it steady…  The aim of the program is to deal with these sorts of issues… And create a shift in the mindset of young ladies particularly those of African descent.

Wow! I love this

How can ladies struggling with personal issues, get to you personally, and receive help?


                                                                    They can email me on or send me a direct message on any of my social media handles.


This is helpful. Thank you

                                                                 Thank God and thank you for the privilege to share.

Do you have Mentor(s)?


                                                                              O yes.

                                                                      My parents, Folorunsho Alakija, Pastor Funke Adejumo,

                                                                      Christine Caine just to mention some

 Wow, awesome people.

Do you have a favourite quote?

                                                                               Not really… I don’t really keep quotes in mind but when

                                                                               I see them they jump at me at times…

Three more question before we round up this interview, if you don’t mind, i just can’t get enough of your responses, brilliant and enlightening.

                                                                              Alright thank God for wisdom

What trigger your love for the less privilege?

                                                                                       Honestly I don’t know… I’ve always wanted to help

                                                                                        People for as long as I can remember… I think it’s

                                                                                        Just how God wired me.

Guess you’re a compassionate being?

                                                                                        I do try… It’s not always easy to be compassionate…

What are your talents and skills?

                                                                                                 Haha I sing… If I may my first single will be out on

                                                                                                     The 21st of June. I think also speak well… I write

                                                                                                     Too… Lool…I think I’ll leave it there for now

Ehehe, super woman, wonder woman.

                                                                                                        Lool. Haha I wish


Will you be doing the album lunch?

                                                                                      The full album would be ready toward July

                                                                                       ending… But there won’t be any official launch per say…

Alright. it’s a quantum leap, as per your assignment on earth, like the late Dr. Myles Munroe would say, live full, die empty

                                                                                    Yes sir… We should all strive to die empty…




Do you have any regrets?

                                                                                        Lol no.

What would you like the world to remember you for?

                                                                                    Acts: 13. 36. For David, after he had served his own

                                                                                       generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid

                                                                                    unto his fathers, and saw corruption:

                                                                                      If u replace the David with my name and all the his

                                                                                    with she… That is what I want my obituary to read.


Your last word for this interview if there is any?


                                                                 I think the world is in such a state that it needs help and comfort. For me everything I do stems from the fact that I am a born again, child of God. I firmly believe that we have the answers the world needs and it is time for everyone to let their light shine for all to see… The bible says that Nations will come to your rising so if we are not rising I’m not sure if they will come… I would urge each and every one of us to arise and shine because the glory of God truly is upon us… And if anyone is yet to know this God I have been rambling about… He is ever ready with arms open wide… All it takes is a prayer of faith like this one… Dear father, I’m sorry for all the things I have done wrong. Please forgive me and save me. Help me become the best version of me as I strive to serve you. If you just said this prayer. Welcome Home baybee… The King loves you and so do I. If you can find a Bible believing church near you and begin attending there or contact myself or the interviewer with the information provided… Too much love everyone and ALL THE BEST…

Thank you to Wise Solo for this opportunity to share my little… God bless you and increase the works of your hand sir… You are appreciated… Thanks.