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Our ignorance is limitless.

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others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets. Judge not by their words, but accept advice based on the evidence of actual results. Do not be surprised should you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on your reality experience.
Anthon St. Maarten



Have you ever been in the middle of something important to you, everything seems perfect until something happens and messed everything up, you start wondering maybe it’s a sign for you to throw in the towel and pack up.
Is your life in shambles right now, probably you’ve made a lot of mistakes in your life time, and all you could think of is how screwed up you have been? Is easier for you to give up on yourself, thinking nothing can be done to this colossal damage.
A man was working on his computer at home, and his younger son keeps disturbing him in order to get his attention, but the man stayed glued to the computer, yet the son persisted the more, out of desperation, the man thought of something he could use to engage the son to stop him from the disturbance, a seemingly impossible task. Suddenly he looked on the table beside him and saw a paper containing the map of the word, he quickly grab the paper, tear the paper tear it in to in to pieces, hoping to send the son on a dreadful task.
He told his son to go put the map of the world on the paper together, joining it bit by bit, piece by piece. To his supreme astonishment the son came back with the paper less than five minutes with the map of the world intact, perfectly fitted in the right position, the man was shocked, and asked the boy, how he accomplished the task so fast, something that appears to be logically impossible, the son enthusiastically told his dad, that it’s “quite simple”.
“There was a man at the back of the map, all I did was to put the man together, and the map of the world was precisely placed together”.
This allegory is synonymous to our life situations, something happens with the intention to shatter our map; our map in this context could be our life plan, goals, aspiration and visions. Those are the attempt of the devil out of desperation to dismantle what we’ve got going for us. Just to send us on an errand to an island of impossibilities, hoping we will spend the major part of our life doing damage control, fixing our past mistakes, but here’s the thing we are a masterpiece, God has got our life together, so when those things go wrong, when we thought nothing possible can salvage this situation, God steps in and put the man at the back of our map together, surprisingly everything will come in to place perfectly fitted. I read a quote that struck a chord within me some weeks back, it says “when you thought you’ve messed up God’s plan for your life, through your mistakes, here’s the good news, you’re NOT that powerful” nobody is so powerful to thwart God’s plan over your life. Even your mistake is not that potent.
I urge you today, please stop leaving a life of regret, you have a beautiful picture ahead of you, and your mistakes are your best resources if you can be prudent enough to learn from the experience.



Some  days  back  I  needed  a  knife  to  cut  something,  so  I  rushed  in  to  the  kitchen  because  I  was  already late  for  where  I  was  going  to.  So  I  saw  this  big  glittering  knife  perfect  for  what  I  needed  to  cut,  so  I thought,  I  heard  my  nephew  repeatedly  telling  me  “uncle  this  is  not  a  knife”  I  looked  horribly  at  him, disappointed  at  his  sense  of  thoroughness  and  observation,  I  proceeded  to  cut  what  I  needed  to  cut  as  I took  him  for  the  fool  I  thought  he  was.  After  several  attempt  I  began  to  notice  that  knife  has  no  impact whatsoever  on  the  object,  not  even  a  little  cut.  I  got  angry  rushed  back  to  the  kitchen  grabbed  a  very small  knife  that  I  can  literally  hide  in  my  pocket.  With  little or  no  effort  I  cut  the object.  That  was  when  it dawned  on  me  that  I  had  been  the  fool  all  along  by  not  listening  to  my  nephew.  No  wonder  Mark  Twain observed  that  “what  gets  us  in  to  trouble  is  not  what  we  don’t  know,  but  what  we  know  for  sure  that just  ain’t  so”.one  of  the  lesson  from  this  story  is  to  always  listen  to  the  advice  of  people  regardless  of their  age,  take  a  little  time  to  ponder  on  what  they  said,  they  might  not  be  crazy,  it  might  just  be  us  that is traveling  gradually  out  of  sanity.  But  that  is  not  my  point  of focus. This  second  lesson  is  what  I  want  to  stake  our  focus  on,  I  picked  the  first  knife  because  it  was  BIG,  and shining,  and  seemed  sharp,  notice  the  word  “seemed”  before  sharp.  Is  that  not  how  many  of  us  has been  living  our  life?  I  mean  you  have  this  great  idea  you’ve  been  nursing  for  months,  this  great  skill  that you  possess,  but  any  time  you  want  to  take  action,  you  look  around  you  and  notice  that  you’re  the SMALL  one  around,  small  in  this  context,  could  be  in  terms  of  popularity,  skills  and  finance,.  Hello Mr/Miss  as the  case  maybe,  am  here  to  tell  you,  like  the  words  of my  nephew, That  thing  you’re  holding is not  a knife,  drop  it.  What  I  mean is, it  is not  a reason  enough, what  you  see  is not  what it  is, you  bigger and  impactful  that  you  thought,  you  know  why?  Because  SIZE  IS  IRRELEVANT,  IMPACT  IS.  So  whenever you  want  to  doubt  yourself  again,  and  that  feeling  of  inadequacy  is  about  to  set  in,  remembered  my knife  story  and  DROP  IT.



Yes  I  got  you!  It  wasn’t  what  you’re  expecting,  am  not  going  to  discuss  addiction  in  the  light  of  what you’re  used  to.  There  are  so  many  negativities  and  stigma  attached  to  this  word,  which  often  always made it  impossible  for  us  to draw  any  motivation  or  positive energy  from it. Here  is  the  greatest  shocker  of  all;  believe  it  or  not,  we  are  all  addicted  to  something,  religion, someone,  concept,  an  idea,  a  dream,  or  a  goal.  It  you  really  want  to  break  even  in  life,  if  you’ve  set out  to do something beyond  the ordinary, you must  be willing to carry the label of  addiction. Think  of  anybody  in  this  world  who  has  done  something  out  of  the  ordinary,  they  were  a  staunch addict,  they  refuse  to  let  go  of  that  idea  even  when  they  were  label  crazy.  The  wright  brothers  were an  addict  of  Airplane,  David  Spielberg  is  an  addict  of  movie  directing,  Steve  job  was  an  addict  of computer.  Zuckerberg  an addict  of  I.T.  Tiger  Wood  an  addict  of  Golf, serena  William  an  addict  of  lawn tennis, micheal  Jordan  an  Addict  of  Basket  Ball.  Marthin  luther  King  jnr  was  an  addict  of  the  freedom of  the Black Race,  same as  Nelson Mandela. Whenever  you  think  or  hear  the  world  addiction,  I  want  you  to  immediately  recalibrate  your  mind  to shy  away  from  the  negativity  and  let  it  be  a  source  of  motivation  to  fuel  and  propel  you  towards  your dream and  goal in life.  Yes!  An  addiction is  good,  embrace it. I  leave you with  the famous  words  of  one of  the world  renowned  motivational speaker Les  Brown “  If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, your peace and your sleep for it…if all that you dream and scheme is about it, and life seems useless and worthless without it…if you gladly sweat for it and fret for it and plan for it and lose all your terror of the opposition for it…if you simply go after that thing you want with all of your capacity, strength and sagacity, faith, hope and confidence and stern pertinacity, if neither cold, poverty, famine, nor gout, sickness nor pain, of body and brain,can keep you away from the thing that you want…if dogged and grim you beseech and beset it,with the help of God, you will get it!”

Famous words of Late Dr Myles Munroe


The famous words of late Dr Myles Munroe.

The wealthiest place on earth is NOT the goldmine of South America.

It is NOT   the silver mine of Central America.

It is NOT the diamond mine of South Africa.

It is NOT the Uranium mine of Europe.

It is NOT the oil field of Iraq, Iran, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

But then where is the wealthiest place on earth?

The wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery, because it is a place where you can find:

Books that were never written.

Paintings that were never painted.

Music that was never played or heard.

Businesses that were never opened.

Ideas that were never manifested.

Solutions that never found their problems.

Visions that died as nightmares and dreams.

Plans that were never fulfilled.



AVERAGE is what failures claim when their families ask them why they’re not successful.
AVERAGE is the top of the bottom, the best of the worst; the worst of the best, which of these are you?
AVERAGE means being run off the mill, mediocre, insignificant, and also ran a nonentity.
Being AVERAGE is to take up space for no purpose, to take the trip through life but never to pay the fare, to return no interest for God’s investment in you.
Being AVERAGE is to pass one’s life away with time, rather than to work it to death.
To be AVERAGE is to be forgotten once you pass from this life.
The successful are remembered because they tried. But the AVERAGE, the silent majority is just forgotten.
To be AVERAGE is to commit the greatest crime one can against one self, humanity and one’s God.
The saddest epitaph is this: HERE’S Mr. and Mrs. AVERAGE, here lies the remains of what might have been, except for their belief that they were only AVERAGE.





There was a time when all we wanted was to worship him in truth and honesty,
Not for gain, pleasure or reward.
But now all I see is a gathering full of hypocrites.
I asked Jude why he wasn’t in the church last week he told me he’s sick of the tinted truth,
“I don’t get it why Mr. Ben be praised and Brother Dan be slayed for the same offense” he said.
I thought it was supposed to be equality for all, not dwelling in a shelter where hatred becomes the wall.
We walk around with the holy book, yet we crush our neighbour with our words like the tender Lilly trapped under the soldiers boot.
We dread a murderer so much that we can’t keep one as a friend, yet our hands are filled with bloods of the homeless guy who died of hunger just because we couldn’t afford to take out of the money for our iPhone 6s.
I believe so much in prosperity that I could chase it with all I’ve got, alas! it becomes a curse when I acquired everything while a meal a day is all my neigbour’s got .
Christianity is for everybody but what ‘sup with all the insanity?
I don’t fornicate but inside my heart is a hollow full of hate.
I love my neighbor as myself, but how about the lies i skillfully told and locked it up like a shelf.
I’m not a pastor I shouldn’t be preaching, so if Kate is drowning in sin that’s her burden.
I lived in multimillion Nara estate so please we can’t relate, or rather you switch a place maybe you might fit into my taste.
The Christ you proclaim is not as valid as the Christ you portray.
Please tell me this is why he got slayed.
The countless whips, the gushing gores, even the pain he couldn’t take, thanks to divine grace.
This is a call to the Christians my Sunday school teacher taught me about.
This is the call to the body of Christ when we are not separated by color and a young boy can still give up his meal to save the 5,000 multitude regardless of their culture.
This is the call to the brethren where he wouldn’t have to send floods to erase our ungrateful souls.
This is the call to the divided families that we can still unite.



He feels the vibes in him every day; he constantly battles the urge in him.
Every day he wakes up with the determination to do it, he ends up seeing thousands of reason why he should put it aside,
He realizes he still has more time, he pretends to be happy but he carries the regret around not doing what he loved the most.
It is either he complains of his family, jobs or environment but his only consolation was, there is still time.
One day he stood in his office to get something from the printer, next thing he saw was a dark cloud and an excruciating pain around his chest region, when he opened his eyes he was expecting to see the view of his office but to his amazement he was lying in the hospital bed.
While he was going through that pain with the difficulty in breathing and all that, he realizes that he has a heart attack. All he could ever imagine was the numerous opportunities he has, to do the very thing he loves but he has been putting it off for tomorrow.
This is the story of Mr. JEGEDE, a man who loves to sing but always look for excuses thinking he has all the time in the world, like a twinkle of an eye, it dawned on him that he his 65years old already. His heart attack maybe painful but lying on that bed with the thought that he may never have the opportunity to sing again and knowing he will be remembered for dying with the music in him is too gruesome to bear.
At that moment his wishes were: one to be given another opportunity to live again. And if his first wish is granted the second wish will be to be able to do the one thing his heart beats for the most. That is to sing for the world to hear his voice again and never to die with his music unheard. The last wish is to have another wonderful time with his family to tell them how much he misses and love them beyond words, he realizes no matter how often you say those words one day when you’re on the sick bed ready to go to the great beyond, you’ll get to know you didn’t say those words often enough.
What’s that thing that your mind has been vibrating the iron string for you to let the world see, but you’ve been bottling the idea thinking you have all the time in the world?
What’s that thing you have such an irresistible passion for, but you think you’re too busy and there will be time someday?
Don’t wait till you have a heart attack before you realize you don’t have all the time in the world, and the interesting thing is you may not have the second chance like Mr., Jegede. But have you ever wonder that he may have a second chance but there’s little to what he can accomplish.
Act fast; act now, the world is waiting for your greatness, they’ve been waiting, don’t keep them waiting any longer you may run out of opportunity and time, don’t be a little too old, before you pursue your dream.

What a friend told me.


I was having a conversation with my friend in a Medical school who once told me something about imaginary reflex, he further explained that is the type of reflex which occur as a result of a false response to stimuli.
He’s explanations goes like this:
Maybe in a situation where someone leg was amputated left to walk on one leg, if you aim at the spot where the other leg was cut off, and you act like you were going to kick it or you actually kicked it, remember there is nothing for you to kick just an empty space. The person is still going to respond in fear as if he’s other leg is still there.
I sat one day and was thinking about that conversation and something struck me. That’s exactly what past failure does to so many people. Just because we failed at some things in the past we get caught up in a situation similar to the imaginary reflex. Scared to try again, and every time we attempt on a good project that might end up turning our life around for good, we remember the failures of the past and quit so that we don’t make the fool out of our self by failing again. But here’s the question. If we don’t persist enough, how do we experience the victory?
It’ll be a good thing to live our life remembering we tried but failed at something, than to carry the weight of regret hanging down our neck for not trying at. Remember Walt Disney, how many times banks denied him loan but he never quit, but look at him today he’s an epitome of greatness. Think of Tom Hanks, countless times he was rejected and not giving the chance to exhibit his gift, but now history we’ll forever be kind to him for he never let rejection knocks him out of his dream. Today Tom is worth millions of dollar,s success attributed to acting, what he was formerly rejected for. The name Thomas Edison should also steer the persistence spirit within you, a man that failed for one thousand times in an attempt to create an electric bulb. The list of people who didn’t take no for an answer are endless.
The funniest thing about these feelings of fear is that, they are not real, yet we give them so much attention and get our life confined by the walls of fear that we built.
If you can just persist in that dream that you have, and you don’t cage yourself in the circle of the Imaginary Reflex effect, and if only you can keep it up on your goal, talent and gifting don’t let rejection and the fear of failure define your victory. Soon, you will be standing at the top sharing your success story, because it’s going to be a motivation to those who are scared of trying again, People who gave up on their dream, Due to family history or environmental limitations. Get out of the imaginary reflex.