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Most of us don’t recognize who we are, because our identity has been buried in our job, our name and in the society.

The most disgusting thing in the world is not recognizing who we are, as a person (NOT OUR NAME)

Discovering our identity is the key to fulfilling our destiny.

When we attach our identity to things, the day we lose them, which we will, we lose who we are.

You will be someone else, if you do not answer the question of “WHO AM I?”

If you don’t have your own identity, you will adopt the brand of another company, in attempt to be relevant.

If you know who you are, it makes you immune to criticism.

We are mistaken when we gauge who we are by our physical appearance, even if we are physically fit, because sooner or later all of those attractive physical qualities will fade.

Often times, we are unsure of whom we are, or we haven’t made our name or value known to the world, that’s why we hide behind expensive things, to reflect a temporary worth.

The difference between success and failure is how we process them.

“thinking is the hardest work  there is, which is probably so few engage in it” – Henry ford

If you make people feel like they’re thinking, they will love you, but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you – Don Marquis.

If you don’t discover yourself and stay strong on whom you are, people will bury you in their opinion of expectation of you.

We are human of intrinsic value; we shouldn’t live like animals, by just getting married and baring children.

Your gift is not what you do, but what you are.

You will be poor until you find yourself.

There is a goal in our birth; there is a reason for our existence.

You will only succeed where your gift is.
Until you become slave of your gift, you will continue to struggle in obscurity.
Many people will never realize who they are, because they’re unwilling to go through the pain and trials.
Every man has a need to be great at something.
We are all born with a mission and a purpose on planet earth.
We do not decide to be born; hence we cannot live on our own terms.
Ignorance of one’s life mission leads to one life being used improperly.


More than a Mentor.


No! Today is not your birthday, but if i should wait for your birthday to post this, it would have lost it essence and wane in value.
You’ve taught me many lessons and value in life, but I guess we don’t know the value of a mentoring until we’ve stepped in to a new phase where in we are forced to applied some of those residual principles you’ve inherent in us by hanging around you and watching you do what you do.
I still remember the first time I heard you speak, I was in the crowd and Bam, the light went on in my mind, I knew this was what I love to do, call that divine. Then you met me and say these words “Young man, you look hungry and thirsty for knowledge, called this number” and that was it.
One of the best gift you’ve given me, is how you’ve welcomed and tolerated me in your space, even when you barely knew me.
I’ve watched you made mistakes, conquer minds, pay huge sacrifices, even to things you were not been paid for, well I guess that’s why it’s called sacrifice. I remembered looking at you in your room one day wondering why you’re making this huge sacrifices, and you look at me and said”Solomon am paying my dues, you will pay yours later” I couldn’t get it, not until recently.
The funny thing is, people wonder why you go these lengths just to affect your generation, bit they don’t understand the cost of a life. I was goalless, passionless and clueless until I met you, now I understand why you do what you do, it might not be for the crowd, but just that one person that would be able to yield to what you have to offer, they won’t recover from such impact EVER.
We watch you, hang around you, sometimes sleep on the same bed with you, those are gifts money can’t buy, if I have to auction the time and I hang around you, the things I learnt by just following you to series of events, not sure of any amount in cash can suffice.
This goes out to any young person out there, when you hang around a person, it shouldn’t just be about the cash, real wealth are in the values and deposit of wisdom you learnt from your mentor.
My advice to other mentors out there, be transparent to your mentees, let them watch you do what you do, and also learn from your mistakes.
I guess this is becoming too long, but the truth is I haven’t started yet.
Thank you Mr Aribisala Oljide.



If anyone ever told you environment has little or nothing to do with your growth, destiny or your life in general, please do everything in your power to change the person’s orientation and perspective about life. If not, that ill mentality may be the reason why he’s stuck where he is right now.
I’m this kind of person that has spent the better part of his life fronting every group I’ve belong, with people showering praises, telling me how good and talented I am, my ideas are always welcomed with little or no deliberation whether is right for the occasion or not. I continued living my life feeling like a Don, without knowing that I’m the true representation of the proverbial one eyed king in the land of the blind.
See. The most dangerous place you could ever find yourself is to be in a place where your idea is only the best, it won’t take long before you run out of one and realize you know nothing. Even as I try to suppress my pride and stay humble a part of me want to gloat, not knowing my talent was gradually deteriorating and living in a rut. Recently someone said something in a gathering that “if you think you’re the best at what you do in your state, you’ll soon know there’s a country called Nigeria, furthermore if you think you’re the best in Nigeria, is a matter of time before it dawned on you that a place still exist called Africa” the moral of the story is, always strife to improve yourself and be selfish about self development. I read somewhere that, don’t be too comfortable at where you are because you can be replaced.
If you’re in a hurry, I implore you to come back later when you have the time, but if you have the time, please pull up a chair, grab a drink and follow me on the journey.
                                     My journey to the writer’s club.
I was introduced in to the writers club some time ago; I used to think I was good at what I do till I met this group of people. Please meet the writer’s club members:
Victory, a graduate of law, victory is one person I’m kind of comfortable with maybe as result of the warm welcome and a radiant smile she gave on my first day in the club. Here are a couple of things I learnt about her:
Simplicity: – if you’re meeting her for the first time her simplicity can be misleading, like what does this girl has to offer but she’s about to shock you with the depth of her intelligence, and the level of her wisdom is dumfounding.
Her patience: – whenever I talk about patience there’s this adrenaline rush within me saying I wish I had one, patience is one thing I’m still working on, her ability to stay silent and listen to every bit of conversation that she probably know everything about but won’t say anything until you seek for her opinion, I think she deserve a trophy for that, I just hope I have one.
Meticulous: – if you think you’ve written the best article please don’t let her proof read your work, because if your mistakes are hidden beneath the seven seas, she’ll fish it out and underline it.
I will like you to meet another person in the group Obinna, to be honest with you the first time I hear him speak I laugh inwardly till my ribs start aching, he’s not the exact person that’s gifted with oratory skill, and it takes him an average of four to five minutes to make a two meaningful statements. Here’s what his presence in the group taught me: patience, since I had trouble with patience always want to talk, so I’m forced to listen to him struggle through time to make his point.
The second thing he taught me is persistence and confidence, people like that rather dwells in isolation and avoids being judged or laugh at, but not in his case. He’ll use his last nerve to force you to listen to what he has to say, and he never gives up no matter the odds.
I will like you to meet Ada, always the smiling type and a website designer, I didn’t know much about her, not until the day I read one if her piece, and I tell you the depth of her poetry could literally knock you off your chair searching for a dictionary.
Meet Ifyn the cool easy going type, man of few words and plenty of smile, a prolific writer and the anchor of most meetings, I like him and I admire his humility and I also have the utmost respect for his tone and pattern of writing.
Blessing, a graduate of law, honestly the first three weeks of seeing this girl I never liked her, I mean how could someone belong to a group but hardly say a word in contribution to the forum, to annoy me the more she always sit behind everyone like some sort of goddess, at least that’s what I thought. The day she earned my respect was at the just concluded October 1st annual youth conference, where she presented a dynamic poem that raised the roof, her appearance, her gesticulations, the words, it was beyond perfection. The worst mistake I made was to perform on the same stage with her doing the same thing, worst of it all I went on stage before her; I should have waited so I could have a feel of what I’m up against. Anyway that was my first poetry performance, I’ll console myself with that (smiles). But we are cool now, I got to know her more, since we belong to the same forum together and I got to know my assumptions about her was purely myopic and untrue.
I learnt something about her, which is, if you don’t have anything to say just keep quiet and listen, it’s not a must that you should talk.
The last thing I learnt from her is preparation and clear motive.
It’s my delightful pleasure to tell you about Sopefoluwa, a thirteen years old girl who writes like some Veteran authors like Chinua Achebe and the rest of them. She wrote a story recently about love, I showed it to a friend of mine and she’s still finding it difficult to believe a thirteen years old girl has such a dazzling pattern of writing. She maybe super shy but she’s super brilliant as well.
Ton-Ton, this not a nickname but a birth name, he’s another storming force in this group, I didn’t know he belong to the group until recently when he came back from school, a vibrant, eloquent, intelligent and handsome dark skin guy.
Ever ready to offer his idea and correction, a super talented poet with swags (laughs), well it comes with the talent. I see him as a competition sometimes, when you dwell around intelligent people is good you pick a healthy competition, it keeps your head in the game and challenge you to improve.
The last thing I learnt about him is the ability to know something about everything.
Now meet the boss himself there’s a reason why I put him at the last. His name is Mr. Jide Aribisala, he is the leader of the writer’s club, well you can say he his leader and founder of many things. If you want to know more about him, I’ll advice you to read one of my recent articles “THINGS JIDE TAUGHT ME” you will have a crystallize idea of what a man he is.
There are many more people in the writer’s club, but these are the few people I know enough about.
The word family is not strange to anybody right? You’ve heard it countless times, you’re part of one. But I’m here to tell you family is not blood anymore, I find a family in these people; they’ve helped me improve my writing skills. They don’t just write they refined ideas too. If you think you’re good at writing let the writer’s club have a feel of what you’ve got.