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Unvited guests…Part one


Have you ever boasted to your friends or anybody about how unwavering you’ll be in any tides of life?

Have you seen people faced what they called their worst dillema as you Knod your head in pity as to how weak and chicken they appear?

What’s your scariest horror movie?

What’s your darkest moment?

I’m not talking about Kara Sika’s movie in the early 90’s nor the Holocaust.

I wish I could be reffering to those vampire stories, where head rolls in to gutter, skins shredds in shambles, granulated bones,and exposed intestines. I give those movies credit for how gruesome they appear, but in the end it’s just a movie.

Now immagine walking in to your room bam, light off, thanks to PHCN, as we immortalized them with the name N.E.P.A. just as you’re trying to find your way around the dark room, here comes  a monster as big as the incredible-hulk. Those are immeasurable fears right? So please follow me on this journey, May 23rd, 2016 happens to be like any other day, after my normal daily routine, took my dinner, bathe, watch a nice movie, say my prayers that’s if the movie didn’t knock me off to bed. But this night was quite different I was busy watching the second to the last episode of suits as well as chatting with my friend immaculate, interesting chat that lasted for hours, it succeeded in taking my attention off the movie like a child glued to his new toy, and dead to anything called food except if the mom forced him to abandont it.

While chatting I was also conscious of the time, okay this is 11:00pm soon it’s going to be 12:00am 24th, my friend’s Birthday, yes Dami’s Birthday. Continue reading Unvited guests…Part one


The Beast in me…part two.


If you haven’t read the first part of this story, I implore you to go read it So you could have a feel of the direction where the story is heading. Alright let’s get to it.

Not too long before they carried out a man from the ambulance MR pius, a kind hearted man that loves to see everyone happy and support their dreams to a productive end. His major concern is to see people live their dream, a believer in people. How do I know him this much? I remember the day he saw me crying at the back of our house, he beckoned on me to come many times, even as I refused to yield, he abandoned the car he was washing and took the liberty of walking towards me as he tenderly ask what was wrong with me. I just had a major misunderstanding with my parents about my musical career, I wanted to sing for a living, that’s my passion, that’s where I found an unquantifiable joy, but all that is about to hit a dead end, all because my parent didn’t see me succeeding in it. So they have to discredit my dream and shut down the idea with no hesitation. All thanks to Mr pius,  he was the one person who could see through the fire of passion in me, first time in my life I saw someone who has such impeccable listening skills, I watched him nod and listen as I unload the burden of my heart to him. He was able to convince my parents to let me follow my dream.
The second time he won my love was when a homeless kid was almost besting to the point of death for stealing a phone. He was the person that salvages the situation, got the boy to return the phone, took him in to his home like one of his children; now the boy is in one of the best university. His good deeds are endless.
I guess is true what they say that the easiest way to frustration is to try to please everybody.  There’s nothing that hurt me the most like seeing people despised him for who he is, he was never wanted in the neighborhood, people name tagged him, calling him an hypocrite, some will even go as far as mocking him with his epileptic son that he deserve what he got. But the next morning, I saw many people crying and mourning his death, I saw as tears were dropping uncontrollably from his wife’s eyes. The woman I love so much, she has been the woman who stood by him through thick and thin, yes you can say is easy for her, she’s the wife of course. Finding such a woman unstoppably supported the man he loved with every fiber of her being. How could death be this cruel? Poison so potent, that it could test a viper.
It was like the world is at a standstill, I’m not so much of the caring type, but looking at the family this man is leaving behind, thinking of how many people this man could have helped if he’s still going to be alive, those thoughts broke all my defensive wall of callousness as I ran inside to prevent people from seeing me crying. But before then I will never forget the words of Mrs. Pius, with the tears on her scarlet looking eyes and a trembling voice, these are her words.
I’m not in tears because I lost a husband that happens to be my soulmate and a best friend,
I’m in tears because the society and the world at large could not understand how a man could dedicate his life to the affairs of man to the point of inconvenience.
I’m in tears because the world has been so carried away and misguided by their selfish reason that to think of others wellbeing and value has become abhorrent.
I’m in tears yes, but a larger part of me is fortunate and will forever grateful that I married someone who made me realize as humans, we exist for one another, to make the world a better place, to create a place that can be corruption free, Where a neighbour can help each other with no ulterior motive.
He thought me that one person can make a difference in the society despite any kind of rejection thrown at him.
He made me welcome the idea of living a life where we can sincerely help people both strangers and friends without getting to hold it over their head someday.
I know you’re here to mourn the death of my beloved husband, but I want each and everyone here today to leave with the believe that just because the society has accepted cruelty as one of the norms of coexisting, I want you to know that we’ve let the society opinion hover around our mind till it completely took over the better person we can be in future.
After those words I’ve been said, my tears increased but with a different purpose, now not for Mr. Pius’s death, but the tears of regret for the years of my life I’ve let people opinion define my life and alter my decision and choice for the things I’m created to do.
I live so much on people’s judgmental opinion that my happiness depends on them, no wonder  the beast in me exist in the first place, the beast has been occupying the part where my true happiness should dwell, but from this moment onward, I’ve changed for the better.

This is for those people who probably are going through what I’ve went through, let loose of the beast, is not worth your time or energy. Stop living on people’s opinion, stop letting what they might or will not say define or determine what you have to offer to this world. Your time is limited here on earth, I’m not sure is wise to live it worrying about people’s unkind opinion.

every droplet of this ink, leaves traces of wisdom

THE BEAST IN ME…..part one.


I grew up in an environment where the people who know the least about you could say the worst deprecating things about you.
I have been mocked, laughed at and despise for too long.
I have cried silent tears,
Fought battles to stay alive and there were even days I felt like ending it all, days where nothing else mattered. And the beast in me started to roar, it roared incessantly.
It grumbled in pain of hunger; the need to feed on disgust and hatred. Its eyes were fire red.
It suffered from unrest seeking for vengeance. And day after day I battle with decisions; the will to let this beast loose or calm her down; suppress it till it tear me down inside or I should just let her show. I have been judged for too long by the people who know nothing about me.
It was few minutes past midnight, I heard the faint wailing of siren. I paused for a while trying to calm the commotions in my mind, though it seems impossible, the harder I try the more the beast in me roar, I can do nothing rather than to ignore the unpleasant feeling. The wailing becomes louder, my thoughts were: maybe it’s that of those patrol teams, or maybe a government convoy is passing from or to an official meeting, but wait a minute, theirs is never as close as this, what a highway patrol team could be doing in the neighborhood at this time? Now it seems as if they made a stop at the front of my house, I jumped off my bed and tip-toed towards the window as I gently lift off the curtain to have a clear view of what’s really happening, oh! It wasn’t actually a stop, they were passing slowly but just a few minute before they parked in front of my neighbour’s house. Really, what could be happening? Not that I’m so concerned actually, I just needed to feed my curiosity so I wouldn’t be told the story afterwards.



If you haven’t read episode 1, you need to go read it so you could understand how the story goes.

welcome to the concluding part.

she’s the smartest one in the room, I remember a scene in one of the movies I watch recently “Gotham”, where a retired detective told his former colleague about the man in front of him which he couched when he was still in the service.  he said “don’t mind him, he always think he is the smartest guy in the room”, and the man gave such a sweet, perfect, instant reply- “yes! Because I’m always in the room full of idiots”. After remembering that scene, I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of me being an idiot.
I told her, hey why are you stressing the word ‘‘MRS’ like it has some special mission or meaning attached to it, what I told her may not make sense, all I was looking for was to just say something to make me less ashamed of my move, but how comes I didn’t even see the wedding ring on her finger in the first place? I guess I was too busy sizing her up that I miss out on such an important clue that could have saved me from this mess I got myself in to. So she respond by saying “hey I just want to save you the stress of wasting your strength and saliva, what an insult! The painful thing was I needed to keep a poker face and pretend like those words aren’t getting to me, but my brother, I’m burning inside. I continued to listen and watch her gloat, enjoy lady it’s your lucky day. she further buttress her point saying it may interest me to know that she is married with three kids. Yeeh mogbe! Pardon my language, it’s Yoruba, it means I’m finishe. I mean how can this lady be married with three kids and still be looking stunning like this, anyway that’s not my concerned, my major concerned is to shut her up and get her out of my face, so I can have the whole space to express this huge shock I’ve been bottling inside.
The throbbing thing that added gasoline to the fire, was that I never knew my colleague was listening and watching the whole Oscar worthy show that happened between me and her, and he sure had a good laugh out of it by make fun of me throughout the whole day. Now when I see any lady the first thing I look out for is the wedding or an engagement ring. So if you’re a lady and you caught me staring at your finger, don’t blame me. You know this popular expression  “caught in the act?” Well my case was quite different, I wasn’t caught in the act. I was caught right before the act



Every guy has this moment, that moment when you just want to check whether you still have your flows intact, okay I’m sounding too formal let me just quit all the political correctness and get right down to the main point.
I was at the office one day, and I saw this pretty looking lady, dark glowing skin, average height with a perfect shape, I know there is nothing like a perfect shape, but she has that shape that’s close to perfection, as she come out of the dead man door all I could wish for, was for her to come towards me so I could treat her like an esteemed customer, my thoughts may be invincible, but the huge grin on my face could easily make my next line of action predictable.
Call it luck, call it a granted wish, all I know was she ended up standing in front of me waiting to be attended to, I said to myself is being long I actually engage a girl in a sweet convincing conversation to the point of getting her to like me. I mean when you’re a guy like me and “you no too try for face” like my warri people would say. That is you’re not that good looking, then you have to polish your flows (your words) to draw the attention to other qualities, rather than the physical appearance, (laughing).
Back to the matter, while I was attending to her she couldn’t help but noticed the unending smile on my face and the unsolicited preferential treatment, so she shouldn’t be surprised about what is next, talking about surprises, little did I know that I was the one who is in for the surprise. So I decided to let the butterflies in my belly fly by taking the bull by the horn, alright c’mon guy you can do it, considering her calm response she might like you too, after all she saw the rest staffs before walking up to you, at least that’s what I thought.
I proceed by saying hi once again; please may I know your name? She paused for a while with such a beautiful smile, wink at me, paused again like the judges in “Britain Got Talent Show” when Simon cowell is about to pass the final verdict and you just don’t know your fate yet. Now her response, “I’m MRS…………..” you didn’t see anything wrong with the name do you? Please read again, I put the “MRS” on upper case for a reason. Just as I heard the prefix “MRS” the other things that followed becomes irrelevant, I couldn’t remember the last thing she said, aside from the sporadic echoes of that word “Mrs., haba how the world can be so unfair. I haven’t done this for a while, and the moment I decide to tryout out my wooing skill, it goes really bad.
As a smart dude I don’t have to let her know she got me by the balls, I need to act cool, so she won’t think……….to be continued in Episode 2.