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How to know you have been wasting your life.

in the dustbin

Our life is a gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to the world. All the great people whose names we remember are people who have discovered the meaning to life, and work tirelessly to make their life worth living. This is the reason why their lives will continue to echo till the ends of the earth. It is easy to waste our life without even knowing it, hence for us to matter in life we have to take conscious and deliberate decisions in life to make an impact. I have come to discover that every decision we make in life either takes us closer to our goal; a life of significance in life, or takes us away from it. It is an abuse of existence to pass through this life unnoticed. George Bernard Shaw affirmed “what tragedy will it be, for us to climb the ladder of success only for us to reach the end and discover that it is leaning against the wrong wall”. That’s an exact description of a wasted life. So I’m going to list some factors or points that will help you discover how you have been wasting your life, but the good news is you can retrace your steps and start leading a productive life.

  1. You don’t plan the activities for the day before facing the day

In life it is easier to get caught up with so many meaningless activities, and we fall in to the deception and assume busyness equals productivity. There is a wide berth between busyness and productivity – one is left to chance, the other is systematically determined. So what happens is when you don’t plan your day before you face it, you keep floating around and you end up achieving less than 10% of what you were supposed to achieve for the day. You end up getting frustrated, because you put in all the work and you achieve less result. You know why? Because that energy is not used judiciously, trust me I’ve been there, but immediately I learnt how to take charge of my day I began to feel good about myself. I learnt the principle from a book written by John C. Maxwell, “Today matters”. He made an insightful statement in the book that stuck with me. He said “show me your 24hours and I can predict your future”. It might sound seemingly hostile but it is profoundly true. There is this exciting feeling you have when you know you’re in control of your day and the activities. So when you don’t plan your day, you’re gradually wasting your life.

  1. When you don’t have a self-development plan

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