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You must have read the part one, if you haven’t, I encourage you to go read it, so you could fully understand where the story is leading. I stopped at “something happened” this is the continuation.

I stumbled on a teaching by someone, he taught with so much confidence, assurance, and understanding beyond mortal, God why, why didn’t I know this man all my life, story for another day. The man is Dr Sunday Adelaja, the man that seems to have an idea of what I was going through without involving demon, well it was a relieve of some sort, I began to see the meaning to all my pains and frustration, I learnt in the space of 7 months about life, God, purpose, education and excellence, that I haven’t learnt in MY OVER 20 YEARS that I’ve been on earth.

It was then I realized for me to be fully ready for the purpose God has created me for, he needed to rip me of all the distractions, like money, friends and material things, I wish it was as simple as I’m writing this article, trust me, pain is no man’s friend. I shut myself out of the external world and began to learn from him through his online teachings; though my major struggle was to unlearn the junks I have stored in my memory and pride myself with over the years, most of his teachings are not conventional and they wrestled with my religiosity and ideologies, thank God am free, if I should talk about this it will be a full article of nothing less than 20,000 words, story for another day.

I became fully aware of my purpose, I taught I was ready to face the world and transform the mind of youths, but I had a lot to learn, more like the killing of lion by David in the wilderness as a preparatory class for defeating the goliath, back to the point, I struggled through the last year of 2016, just like everybody, I was hopeful, I am about to enter the new year all these struggles are about to be over, if I was sensitive enough I could hear God scream down from heaven saying “you’re a  joker, this is just the beginning” like the end of an interesting Nollywood movies with a continuation, that was those days, I don’t know how they do those movies now.

Happy New Year, this is 2017, you know what to expect, prophetic declarations were flying through the air like a missile from an air strike in Iraq, this year is your year, gibberish! Who am I not to believe them? You know is easier to believe what you have been dying to hear, without further scrutiny.  Bear with me is getting too long; I will continue the part 3 tomorrow.




Yes  I  got  you!  It  wasn’t  what  you’re  expecting,  am  not  going  to  discuss  addiction  in  the  light  of  what you’re  used  to.  There  are  so  many  negativities  and  stigma  attached  to  this  word,  which  often  always made it  impossible  for  us  to draw  any  motivation  or  positive energy  from it. Here  is  the  greatest  shocker  of  all;  believe  it  or  not,  we  are  all  addicted  to  something,  religion, someone,  concept,  an  idea,  a  dream,  or  a  goal.  It  you  really  want  to  break  even  in  life,  if  you’ve  set out  to do something beyond  the ordinary, you must  be willing to carry the label of  addiction. Think  of  anybody  in  this  world  who  has  done  something  out  of  the  ordinary,  they  were  a  staunch addict,  they  refuse  to  let  go  of  that  idea  even  when  they  were  label  crazy.  The  wright  brothers  were an  addict  of  Airplane,  David  Spielberg  is  an  addict  of  movie  directing,  Steve  job  was  an  addict  of computer.  Zuckerberg  an addict  of  I.T.  Tiger  Wood  an  addict  of  Golf, serena  William  an  addict  of  lawn tennis, micheal  Jordan  an  Addict  of  Basket  Ball.  Marthin  luther  King  jnr  was  an  addict  of  the  freedom of  the Black Race,  same as  Nelson Mandela. Whenever  you  think  or  hear  the  world  addiction,  I  want  you  to  immediately  recalibrate  your  mind  to shy  away  from  the  negativity  and  let  it  be  a  source  of  motivation  to  fuel  and  propel  you  towards  your dream and  goal in life.  Yes!  An  addiction is  good,  embrace it. I  leave you with  the famous  words  of  one of  the world  renowned  motivational speaker Les  Brown “  If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, your peace and your sleep for it…if all that you dream and scheme is about it, and life seems useless and worthless without it…if you gladly sweat for it and fret for it and plan for it and lose all your terror of the opposition for it…if you simply go after that thing you want with all of your capacity, strength and sagacity, faith, hope and confidence and stern pertinacity, if neither cold, poverty, famine, nor gout, sickness nor pain, of body and brain,can keep you away from the thing that you want…if dogged and grim you beseech and beset it,with the help of God, you will get it!”

Unvited guests…Part one


Have you ever boasted to your friends or anybody about how unwavering you’ll be in any tides of life?

Have you seen people faced what they called their worst dillema as you Knod your head in pity as to how weak and chicken they appear?

What’s your scariest horror movie?

What’s your darkest moment?

I’m not talking about Kara Sika’s movie in the early 90’s nor the Holocaust.

I wish I could be reffering to those vampire stories, where head rolls in to gutter, skins shredds in shambles, granulated bones,and exposed intestines. I give those movies credit for how gruesome they appear, but in the end it’s just a movie.

Now immagine walking in to your room bam, light off, thanks to PHCN, as we immortalized them with the name N.E.P.A. just as you’re trying to find your way around the dark room, here comes  a monster as big as the incredible-hulk. Those are immeasurable fears right? So please follow me on this journey, May 23rd, 2016 happens to be like any other day, after my normal daily routine, took my dinner, bathe, watch a nice movie, say my prayers that’s if the movie didn’t knock me off to bed. But this night was quite different I was busy watching the second to the last episode of suits as well as chatting with my friend immaculate, interesting chat that lasted for hours, it succeeded in taking my attention off the movie like a child glued to his new toy, and dead to anything called food except if the mom forced him to abandont it.

While chatting I was also conscious of the time, okay this is 11:00pm soon it’s going to be 12:00am 24th, my friend’s Birthday, yes Dami’s Birthday. Continue reading Unvited guests…Part one



AVERAGE is what failures claim when their families ask them why they’re not successful.
AVERAGE is the top of the bottom, the best of the worst; the worst of the best, which of these are you?
AVERAGE means being run off the mill, mediocre, insignificant, and also ran a nonentity.
Being AVERAGE is to take up space for no purpose, to take the trip through life but never to pay the fare, to return no interest for God’s investment in you.
Being AVERAGE is to pass one’s life away with time, rather than to work it to death.
To be AVERAGE is to be forgotten once you pass from this life.
The successful are remembered because they tried. But the AVERAGE, the silent majority is just forgotten.
To be AVERAGE is to commit the greatest crime one can against one self, humanity and one’s God.
The saddest epitaph is this: HERE’S Mr. and Mrs. AVERAGE, here lies the remains of what might have been, except for their belief that they were only AVERAGE.





There was a time when all we wanted was to worship him in truth and honesty,
Not for gain, pleasure or reward.
But now all I see is a gathering full of hypocrites.
I asked Jude why he wasn’t in the church last week he told me he’s sick of the tinted truth,
“I don’t get it why Mr. Ben be praised and Brother Dan be slayed for the same offense” he said.
I thought it was supposed to be equality for all, not dwelling in a shelter where hatred becomes the wall.
We walk around with the holy book, yet we crush our neighbour with our words like the tender Lilly trapped under the soldiers boot.
We dread a murderer so much that we can’t keep one as a friend, yet our hands are filled with bloods of the homeless guy who died of hunger just because we couldn’t afford to take out of the money for our iPhone 6s.
I believe so much in prosperity that I could chase it with all I’ve got, alas! it becomes a curse when I acquired everything while a meal a day is all my neigbour’s got .
Christianity is for everybody but what ‘sup with all the insanity?
I don’t fornicate but inside my heart is a hollow full of hate.
I love my neighbor as myself, but how about the lies i skillfully told and locked it up like a shelf.
I’m not a pastor I shouldn’t be preaching, so if Kate is drowning in sin that’s her burden.
I lived in multimillion Nara estate so please we can’t relate, or rather you switch a place maybe you might fit into my taste.
The Christ you proclaim is not as valid as the Christ you portray.
Please tell me this is why he got slayed.
The countless whips, the gushing gores, even the pain he couldn’t take, thanks to divine grace.
This is a call to the Christians my Sunday school teacher taught me about.
This is the call to the body of Christ when we are not separated by color and a young boy can still give up his meal to save the 5,000 multitude regardless of their culture.
This is the call to the brethren where he wouldn’t have to send floods to erase our ungrateful souls.
This is the call to the divided families that we can still unite.