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Who lied to this generation?


Who lied to this generation?
Who told us is okay to comfortably put others down remorselessly, in an attempt to win a cheap public victory.
Who says it’s okay to love things and use people instead of vices versa, in an attempt to bag an unearned adulation?
What part of science thought us that putting other people’s light of greatness out, has an intrinsic effect of amplifying ours?
When did it become so cool to glorify an empty headed broad chested drifter of a guy, parading his six packs publicly, over a guy trying to make sense out of life, by using his talent to lift others?
How do we get to this sickening state, where the love to acquire a Gucci bag, and Versace shoes, regardless of how we get it, more important than the love for moderation and decency?
Gone are the days when our young men, look forward to a role model like Albert Einstein who rise above his inadequacies to become great, or  look forward to becoming a man like Ben Carson an excellent surgeon, or Joseph lister, the pioneer of medicine.
We no longer learn the resilience of the wright brothers in inventing the aeroplane, nor the fortitude of Winston Churchill against the Nazi armies.
What you see is how to trump the swag of the latest popstar, how the ladies could super imposed the fashion style of rihanna, lady gaga, Nicki minaj and their likes.
Our girls are willing to go to any length to get the latest Brazilian weaves as opposed to increasing the content of their brain an character.
No wonder the adults are carefully ignoring the youths, because with their impeccable sense of judgement, they see no credible future coming out of this kind of irritating lifestyle.
Once your Social media followership is up to date, every thing in your life can fall apart.
We cherished the acceptance of virtual friendship over the sincere criticism of a loving Friend.
My question to us today is who lied to us?
Who lied to us that with this kind of lifestyle, our generation will be proud that we came?
Until their is a major shift of our paradigm, and we break free from this mental stronghold,
The youths may gradually go in to extinction, yet existing.
I weep for my generation.